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If you are looking for a simple 'feel-good' real estate success story book, this is not it. 

51 Success Stories From
Canadian Real Estate Investors
If you are looking to gain insights from other people's good and bad experiences with investing in real estate, along with detailed action steps so you avoid the mistakes they made and repeat their successes, then this is the right book for you.
Don R. Campbell is the best-selling author of Real Estate Investing in Canada, 97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors. Campbell invited investors from across the country to submit their stories about how they came to be investors, the challenges and pitfalls they faced, and the successes that have achieved, 51 (out of the hundreds submitted) of which are included in this book.
For each story, Campbell provides a detailed analysis and outlines clear actions steps that any Canadian investor, can apply to their next investments. Whether it's insights into financing, where to buy, how to find and keep good tenants, sourcing joint venture partners, how to overcome analysis-paralysis, or the art of the deal, there is a volume of information in, and object lessons to take away from, every story.

"So, What's In It For Me?"
This is unlike any 'Success Story' book you have ever read before . Sure there are the stories of people who have done well in their lives - some of whom started with nothing and now are living the 'freedom lifestyle,' however, let's be realistic. Those types of stories are enjoyable to read as you live vicariously through those who have done so well, however it leads to the inevitable question you, the reader, are asking yourself, "So What's In It For Me?"
That's right, when it comes right down to it we are all tuned into the same radio station in our head: W.I.F.M. (What's In it For Me), and I applaud you for that outlook. In today's fast-paced society if you're not looking after yourself, no one else will.
On the flip side, once you get clear on your direction and you start looking after yourself and your finances, others jump at the chance to help you out. In other words, once you become committed to your future and you start being the leader of your life, others will do whatever it takes to help your vision come into reality. Other committed people truly enjoy helping others with like minds.
How do I know? Quite simply, it happened to me and I've seen it happen to thousands of your fellow Canadians. It all begins with you, and your commitment to what you truly want to create in your life.
My personal success story is filled with people showing up in my life at exactly the right time when I needed their guidance, knowledge, experience or assistance. These coincidences only started to occur after I became extremely clear on what my wife Connie and I wanted to create in our lives. Once we defined our "Personal Belize" (as described in Chapter 3 of Real Estate Investing in Canada) and started to tell people about it, positive occurrences and coincidences just started to happen. That's not to say that everything has been easy. Believe me there have been times of mental, physical and financial struggle along the way, but the focus on our long-term vision helped us get through these road-bumps and to enjoy the smooth parts of the journey.
There were many excuses we could have used to stop us traveling on our dream path. Friends who said we were crazy, family members who said we worked 'too hard,' so-called professionals saying that our dreams were too lofty... those dream-stealers are out there. The key is to NOT get into a discussion justifying why you are on your life-path. The best solution is to ignore them (even when that is very difficult to do) and stay focused on what you want to create for you and your family. It's your life, not theirs.
A great way in which to do this on a consistent basis is to surround yourself with like-minded people who are already well down the pathway you have chosen to take. The more of these positive and supportive people you have in your life, the faster you'll be able to proceed towards your dreams. I call these people dream-supporters.
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