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The Real Estate Cycle Scorecard at work!
How each town and city measures up based on the scorecard and real estate cycle clock.

As always, with this report we aim to remind everyone to seek the truth behind the media hype to search for a what's behind the curtain. Alberta experienced an economic down-turn in mid-decade and now seeks a solid economic base to begin a long-term GDP growth trend.

The economic downturn in Alberta resulted in an overall decrease in the expected drivers: property prices, property demand, rents, vacancies, rental demand, population growth, jobs and GDP. In this report we will go into the trends of increases in prices and rents and we will also remind you that the time ahead for Alberta is important and deserves our attention.

With this report and the ongoing support of the REIN community you can count on reliable, actionable, and accurate information that will not only help you decide where to invest, but also with investing tactics should be employed and which ones you should avoid for each of the Top Ten Alberta Investment Towns and Cities.

If you're considering investing anywhere in Alberta in the near future you NEED to read this report first. You can use this report to increase your due dilligence and gain actionable information that will help you become the knowledgeable, confident and successful investor you deserve to be. Let us help you create your financial freedom by design!

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What makes REIN's research reports different from the other real estate 'experts' out there?

Our methodology for this report was extensive and thorough. We began with our research-based REIN Property Goldmine Scorecard and the REIN Long-term Real Estate Success Formula. This methodology includes all of the economic and demographic fundamental key drivers combined with the current market influencers impacting specific markets.

For more than 25 years this approach has allowed us at REIN to uncover cities that are about to see market increases in demand and value, long before they occur. With these proven research methods REIN is always able to be one step ahead.

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In this report we have done all of the work for you! We tell you where each town and city's market sits in its real estate cycle using REIN's Real Estate Cycle Scorecard and Clock. We also give you a summary of which real estate investing methods will work best in each area and which methods should be avoided.

This report is really your “one-stop-shop” for all things investing in Alberta.

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