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The Real Estate Cycle Scorecard at work!
How each town and city measures up based on the scorecard and real estate cycle clock.

The real estate market in British Columbia can be a difficult nut to crack for first-time homebuyers and even for the experienced investor. British Columbia currently has a lot of factors and influencers that make it a challenging market to invest in.

International Trade Agreements are a major factor for the future of real estate in British Columbia, as is the additional mortgage qualification rules, the strength of the Canadian dollar, lack of supply and the list goes on.

The frustration is strong from investors and we understand. The team at REIN is here to help! With the unparalleled research and valuable tools included in this report you will become an empowered investor ready to take on the B.C. market!

If you are planning on investing anywhere in British Columbia you NEED to read this report first. We always encourage you to go the extra 10 per cent when it comes to doing your due diligence on a property and that is what this report has to offer. Give yourself and your investments the best possible chance of succeeding by getting your hands on this incredibly valuable information.

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What makes our research reports stand out from those of other ‘experts' out there?

Our methodology for this report was extensive and thorough. In order to generate the list of the Top Ten British Columbia Towns and Cities our research team began with the REIN Property Goldmine Scorecard and the REIN Long-term Real Estate Success Formula. This includes all of the economic and demographic fundamental key drivers combined with the current market influencers in British Columbia.

For more than 25 years this approach has allowed the team at REIN to uncover towns and cities that are about to see market increases in demand and values – essentially our methodology allows us to always be one step ahead – observing, analyzing and sharing our findings with you.

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We've done all the work for you with this report! Not only will we tell you each of the Top Ten British Columbia Towns and Cities that you should be investing in, but we dive deeper and tell you exactly which tactics you should (and shouldn't) use for each location! If you are even considering investing in British Columbia getting this report and letting the REIN team help inform your decision is the responsible and strategic thing to do

This “one-stop-shop” for all things investing in British Columbia will only cost you $39.95 – but the information provided to you is priceless. Order it today for full access to everything this detailed report has to offer!