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This best-selling Program that has been created by veteran Canadian investors for Canadian investors of all levels contains no empty theory, just proven step-by-step systems so you can create the financial results you want!

ACRE System
Home Study Program
Discover all of the proven Canadian Real Estate strategies that have helped thousands to become financially confident and independent over the last 24 years"Are You Tired of Late Night TV Pitches and The Empty Promises of Those 'Free Event' Real Estate Get-Rich-Quick Gurus?"
Then This Message Will Be A Breath of Fresh Air For You!
“It's Time To Cut Through The Hype and Opinions That Surround The Canadian Real Estate Market and Get To The Truth”
- Don R. Campbell, Best-Selling Author Real Estate Investing in Canada
Dear Real Estate Investing In Canada Subscriber,
Yes, the start of this letter does sound a little hyped up… but I can barely control my excitement. Over the last 6 months, I have received another 417 notes and e-mails from our clients… and their results just knocked me off my chair.
Canadians, just like you, are creating more positive cash flow and increasing their net worth's faster than ever before… and that is why the few minutes it takes for you to read this important letter will prove to be a turning point in your financial life and that is why the few minutes it takes for you to read this important letter will prove to be a turning point in your financial life …especially if you're tired of empty promises and $3,000 ‘follow-up seminars', and American based coaching Programs that lead you nowhere!
The years 2012 to 2017 promise to be the most profitable era in history for a select group of Canadian Real Estate Investors… (while others will get caught in bad situations because they don't know the 2012 facts).
As you'll quickly discover in this short letter, it doesn't matter if you are a beginning investor or a veteran, you're going to have the same opportunity to grab your share of this exciting market, as long as you have un-biased information and proven strategies designed to work in today's Canadian marketplace. Information is power in today's real estate market and it is critical that you have the latest in your hands.
Beginning Investor or Veteran Investor High Income Earner or Low Income Earner Everyone Now Has The Same Opportunity Of Real Estate Success in Today's Market All it Takes is Real Life Knowledge
No more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you're missing out (or making a mistake) and most importantly… NO MORE FEAR!
"How is this possible?" you may ask. Well, after 20+ years of research there has finally been a breakthrough -- an unprecedented breakthrough -- that allows ANYONE to become a success in Canadian Real Estate Investing.
Sure, we've all heard the hyped-up promises and high expectations of some courses, seminars, speakers, textbooks etc... in almost all cases these promises turned out to be empty... and that's frustrating for those trying to get ahead of the financial game of life.
Over the last 20+ years of intense investigation across the continent, we've discovered a shocking fact. There just hasn't been ANY program that fully guarantees that, with absolutely NO QUESTION, you will have the knowledge and expertise to find, negotiate and buy a positive cash flow property. What we did find is there is a lot of old empty theory being taught out there... most of which will not work in today's Canadian market realities.
In fact, you may have already tried real estate, you may have attended seminars or read books trying to find something that is even remotely Canadian specific, and you may have found out what we found... there's not much out there.
As you may have experienced, after most real estate courses are finished you are left with a bunch of notes, a pile of books and a whole lot of motivation and excitement... and if you spend an extra $4,000 you can get the REAL goods.
I think you'll agree, you deserve to be treated with much more respect than that, and that's what this message is all about. If you are investing time and money in your future, your results should be guaranteed.
Sadly, that's the reality of the seminar and training market out there in Canada...
Until Today!
In fact, the word in the real estate investing world is… this ACRE System breakthrough will...
Change The Course Of Real Estate Educational Training
And Here's How It's Going To Directly Affect You..
Don't just take my word for this... Here are just a few of the hundreds of comments we received from the ACRE System Home Study Program:
This new beginning guarantees you'll qualify to own a property that creates a regular positive cash flow... month after month after month. My commitment has always been to ensure my clients have exclusive access to the most powerful (and proven) investment systems on the planet... and that's how we guarantee your success.
Why? Because you're going to discover a breakthrough in the Home Study version of the "Real Estate Investors' ACRE System." This fully updated CD Program will detail, in step-by-step action plans EXACTLY:
  • How to identify Canadian properties with the most potential
  • How To Know If Your Market is Going Higher or Going To Crash
  • How to Get the Bank To Say Yes
  • How to Negotiate the Best Deal Possible and
  • How to Manage Your Properties With No Headaches.
So what is this ACRE Program all about? And how does it create such huge success for everyone?"
Well, as I mentioned, this Program has been 20+ years in the making, with "no stone left unturned." Designed and focused so that you will create maximum results in minimum time and discover the exact steps to take using Canadian specific strategies. Nothing hidden, no surprises… all we'll do is reveal to you the secrets we've perfected over the last 18 years… all of which we've used ourselves to create a multi-million dollar net worth.
And Because We Refuse To Have Corporate Sponsors, You Know You're Getting 100% True And Unbiased Information!
Graduates have purchased over $3.3 Billion Dollars
of Real Estate using the ACRE System.
Here's a quick preview of the exciting ACRE Program:
The breakthroughs will be revealed to you on the full length CDs and a detailed step-by-step Manual. These sessions are the nucleus of an in-depth hands-on education program that's guaranteed to give you the absolute confidence, knowledge and expertise to go out and purchase only the best (and most profitable) properties in the marketplace... anywhere in Canada.
Here are just a more few of the hundreds of comments we've received from past ACRE System Graduates:
“This Program provided me with a good foundation to be successful in the business of real estate investment by following a simple, plan of action that is easy to duplicate.”

- Danne Long, Kelowna, BC
“ACRE System is a viable systematic plan of action to evaluate and purchase real estate. It provided me with the knowledge and tools on how to properly acquire property… plus has motivated me to be more pro-active in pursuing my financial and personal goals”

- R. Kraft, Calgary AB
“I received my 'ACRE System' package a week ago & have gone through it completely... thanks to the REIN Team for putting together an excellent package.”

- Jeremy Fleming Grande Prairie AB
The best news is that before they attended, many didn't even own their own homes or even have enough for a regular down payment! This program makes huge differences in people's lives.
Whether you're a veteran investor or a rookie, you'll be amazed at the results you'll create!
Here's a brief summary of the exciting details you'll be discovering on the updated CD version of the ACRE System Home Study Program:
#1. The Fully Updated Property Goldmine ScoreCard -
There are at least 19 Ways Real Estate Can Go Up (or down) In Value... and with this amazing tool, you'll be able to predict the future of your Real Estate. You'll be the first to hear all 19 of these key factors presented live! When you combine these factors, they point directly at the towns that are going to boom... Anywhere In Canada!
You'll Discover The Answer To The Critical Question - Has The Market Peaked or is There Still Profit Opportunities Available?
#2. The Positive Cash Flow Property Ladder
Sophisticated Investors have been quietly using this proven system to reduce their risk, increase their positive cash flow and find properties in both hot and cold markets. This is a brand new part of the program.
#3. Where and What To Buy! -
We'll tell you specifically; right here in Canada, which cities and towns are the best to invest in today for maximum profits. Then you'll discover EXACTLY what type of properties will create the "Best Bang For Your Investment Buck!"
#4. How To Get The Bank To Say YES! -
Brand New For Today's Market Realities -This is critical for ALL Real Estate Investors and will prove to be one of the many turning points in this program! You'll hear from one of the top real estate financial experts in the country. Using his patented techniques you'll have a distinct advantage when you approach a bank or mortgage broker... never be fooled again. You'll actually complete a full mortgage application and learn all the ins and outs of getting approved! Bottom line... you will never look at banking the same again. We've been told by past graduates that this one section alone is worth the tuition of the Home Study Program! No longer will the banks be a concern... You'll know ALL the secrets, including many new strategies for today's market.
"Incredible as always. Since we started using the 'How To Get The Bank To Say YES' strategies we're now getting excellent results with 'the bankers'"

- Kevin Jesse
#5. How To Ensure You're Buying A Great Investment Property -
Discover the 7 secrets veteran Real Estate Investors use to maximize their results when buying investment property. You'll discover how to analyze a property from top to bottom and know how much you'll make BEFORE you close the deal. You'll discover EXACTLY what to look for... and exactly what to LOOK OUT for. In other words you'll be able to find the real "positive cash flow gold mines" among the dozens of real estate projects available on the market.
#6. Nine Ways To Buy Canadian Real Estate With Little Or No Money Down-
Real Estate Investing Systems, Proven Over The Last 20 Years, To Be The Most Profitable Ways To Cash In On The Real Estate Market! This dynamic guest speaker walks you through exact deals you can duplicate in your life... this portion alone is worth the investment in this system.
#7. Self Employed Bank Financing-
An increasing number of investors are self-employed in their own businesses and this makes it very difficult to get bank financing, until today. In the ACRE System Home Study Program you will be handed the exact templates to follow to help turn a NO into a YES from your banker. Fully approved by the major banks across the country.
#8 When & How To Buy For Maximum Profits -
Location is important, but TIMING is critical. Discover The Secrets To Knowing EXACTLY When To Buy and When To Sell To Produce Wealth!
#9 Pro-Active Ownership and Creative Landlording-
The Key To Making Real Estate Investing A Breeze. You'll discover secrets only the top Real Estate Investors use to increase their profits and eliminate their headaches.
#10 Joint Venture Secrets -
The secrets to attracting all the investment money you need to buy as much real estate as you want. This strategy has been tried and tested by investors across the country with amazing results. One of the latest e-mails we received was from a grad who had attracted over $650,000 in less than 4 months... starting from NOTHING!This is a brand new and expanded section of the ACRE program.Come and hear all the details that have helped Real Estate Investors raise multi-millions of dollars of investment capital legally, morally and ethically.
#11 The Emotion Remover-
In any real estate transaction, it is critical that you remove the emotions from the equation. You'll discover the exact strategies and steps to do this, so you make clear decisions. This will help you choose only the best properties.
#12 The 9 Questions you MUST ask Before Buying Any Property -
You'll have, in your hands the key questions you must ask before you buy any piece of real estate. These questions have been revised and updated so you get the absolute latest, and avoid the mistakes that others have made.
#13 Your Action Plan -
At the end of this amazing CD program, you'll have created your own personal action plan, so no longer are you left with just notes and systems... you'll have clear steps to take immediately. This will become your road map.
You'll discover how you can own as many pieces of positive cash flow properties as you want... and not receive one single call from your tenants! Landlording is one of the biggest concerns inexperienced investors have, and after this session... you can kiss that concern Good Bye.
And The Program is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed!
Still more rare reviews from people using the ACRE System Homestudy system
“Great Information, I have spent thousands on other course but this is the first one that I feel I can get started Monday with real action.”

- Patrick Plummer
“ACRE System gave me a ton of very valuable information… especially the info on how to get the bank to say YES. This is valuable for applying for any type of financing even beyond real estate. I now have concrete proven methods.”

- Barry Archer
“I have read many books on the subject of real estate, but only after ACRE System I gained a true clarity of understanding – a clarity that had been sadly lacking...until now.” <

- Gary Whyte
Now that's quite a line-up for only $587! Yes, that's right, the complete program jam-packed with hands-on training, exercises and real life action steps for a total of only $587! (I know it is hard to believe when other Program in Canada are over $3,000 - but the reality is, we make our money investing in real estate, not selling books and tapes
But you don't pay this full price… you receive a huge discount because you're a "Valued Real Estate Investing in Canada Client!" - Discover your amazing discount offer later in this letter!
When you order the ACRE Homestudy Program you'll also receive a bonus Special Report that will…
Reveal To You EXACTLY
How To Negotiate Your Next Deal…
Confidently - While Maximizing Your Profits.
Titled "The 22 Secrets To Street Smart Negotiating," this is one of the most powerful yet simply written Programs on Negotiations ever developed. This Special Report has been used by thousands of Real Estate Investors and business owners across Canada to give them that needed edge in every negotiation they enter. And now you'll have this "Edge" at your fingertips. Some of the strategies you'll discover are:
The Power Point --
Discover how to position yourself in any negotiations so you hold the upper hand, without anyone else knowing it!
Silence Is Golden --
One of the most effective negotiating strategies you can use over and over again.
The Negotiating Tactic To Avoid At All Costs --
Miss this one and you're missing out on deals, profits and long term cash-flow!
The Exclusive "Telephone Negotiating Strategy"--
It is impossible to avoid negotiating on the telephone, although it can be very dangerous. Discover the "6 Deadly Sins" you must avoid no matter what, and the "3 Negotiating-Genius Steps" you must take!
PLUS Much, Much More!
This Valuable Report is yours as an additional special FREE Bonus
When you combine the powerful ACRE System Program with this FREE Bonus you can be assured that you're well armed to take advantage of this market… in fact we're so sure that we guarantee your success and have for over 20+ years running!
Here are some more of the many notes we receive on a daily basis to our office:
“ACRE System provided me with an entire working, proven system that I can use to be successful at real estate investing.”

- Harv Garrison
“This program provided me with more concrete information & systematic approach than the other 2 (much more expensive) programs I had previously completed. The information provided here is not easily available anywhere else. Thank You!”

- Pat Whitfield
“I have used the ‘Sophisticated Investor Binder' and “Thank You Note” strategies to exceptional success… I will have already closed on one deal before week's end and already another deal in the making.”

- Brad Davidson
“ACRE System's strongest point is in its clarity. I've been to other real estate workshops before but all they did was confuse. This cleared up all the unanswered questions!”

- Max Brandon
The ACRE System Program Is Like Going To University And
Getting A "Bachelors Degree" In Real Estate Investing!
But unlike other 'night school' or 'university' courses this Program doesn't cost $1,995, $1,795 or even $995!
The Complete Step-by-Step Manual & CDS Not For The Regular Price Of $687 But NOW For Only $587Plus The "Street Smart Negotiating" Bonus…Absolutely FREE!
Added Bonus -

Order today and get a discounted ticket to attend any upcoming LIVE ACRE System Program for only $587! (not the $687 price that others will be paying). Call us today at 1-888-824-7346!

Whether you already own one property, 10 properties or 50 properties, or if you don't know the first thing about Real Estate Investing (other than it makes many people very wealthy), this Home-Study Program is like "Real Estate University." You'll have the absolute confidence, knowledge and expertise to go out and purchase only the best properties in the marketplace... anywhere in Canada!
Imagine the power of owning positive cash flow properties that put money into your bank account every month. Others imagined it and then attended the ACRE System and made it a reality… and now is your opportunity!
Don R. Campbell
Founding Partner