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Are you feeling stalled in your current real estate investing vehicle? You have the passion but you can't get the momentum? Here it is! Your opportunity to take advantage of proven strategies that will develop and round out your real estate investing portfolio and get you rolling down the road to profitable results now!

Have You:

Hit the financing wall and banks are denying you more mortgages? Ever required an infusion of cash into your real estate business? Found the ”deal of the century” and had to walk away because you did not have access to the capital to buy it? Been looking for purchasing alternatives to the bank? Wanted to buy more properties, but just aren't sure how to get past your first one or two? Heard about no money down real estate and wondered if it was true?

What do you think is one of the biggest obstacles real estate investors run into?
Agreements for Sale (AFS)
Offer a creative solution to get you taking action and achieving results!
Buy and hold is the foundational strategy taught by the Real Estate Investment Network and is fundamental to your long-term sustainable wealth plan. Agreements for Sale can create a whole world of possibilities that offer short-term cash now and fund your long-term strategies.

If your intentions are to buy real estate to generate more cash, and if you want to have the cash now rather than years from now, there is a way to do just that.
This course will position you to successfully implement strategies and opportunities that need
little money down, in some cases no money down, and no mortgage qualifying!
You will learn seven essential steps to crafting a successful and creative investing business. These steps include:

Learn the nuts and bolts of what an AFS is and why it's different All of the documents necessary to execute a successful Agreement for Sale in three provinces The clarity, understanding and dialogue you will need to confidently present this strategy to your prospects and have them engaged and eager to work with you Real-life examples of successful AFS transactions And best of all you are getting professional instruction from a veteran real estate lawyer and experienced investors who are successfully executing these strategies in their own portfolios!

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