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Patrick Francey CEO
Tom Grozier BDO Canada LLP
Randy Dyck Eximus Real Estate Team
Don R. Campbell Senior Analyst
Jennifer Hunt REIN Executive Team

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REIN Members

The REIN member meeting offers you an amazing opportunity to get grounded in your real estate business...away from the distractions of everyday life, so you can recharge, refocus and most importantly, grow. New topics are covered by a variety of speakers, all with different backgrounds and all committed to your success in the real estate world. Plus, each meeting is perfect for expanding your network of like minded real estate focused investors – investors who take action!


We encourage you to attend one of our REIN Member Meetings. A REIN Member Meeting offers an invaluable opportunity to understand real estate as a business. Each meeting connects you with experienced real estate focused investors who pay forward the knowledge they have gained within our network to help grow our industry.

REIN meetings cover everything you need to be successful in the ever-changing real estate world, from current trends impacting the market place to proven systems for successfully investing in real estate. Your guest attendance of this REIN Member Meeting is intended as a one-time privilege. Any guest fees paid to attend will be refunded as a credit against Membership dues, provided you apply for Membership within 24 hours of attending the meeting.

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Self parking: C$12.00 (Parking Lot)
Valet: C$17.00 (Valet Parking)

- schedule -

Patrick Francey


Tom Grozier

CRA Turns up the Heat on Real Estate Investors

The hot real estate market in 2015 and 2016, particularly in B.C. and Ontario, has led to increased media and regulatory focus on the real estate sector — and on the activities of real estate investors.  In response to concerns that the real estate market may be partially fuelled by tax avoidance, the CRA has “ramped up” its activity in the real estate sector by increasing its audits of real estate investors.

So, is it time to hit the PANIC BUTTON?  Of course not — but it is a good time to consider how prepared your real estate investment business is to survive a CRA tax audit.

In this presentation, Tom will discuss “triggers” which the CRA uses to identify real estate investors for tax audits, we'll explore the common areas of concern which the CRA frequently reviews during a real estate tax audit, and you'll learn “tips” and best practices which you can employ in your own real estate investment business to help you survive a tax audit.

For experienced REIN members — the “insiders” — Tom will discuss the “Big 5” real estate tax issues that the CRA has been focusing on during 2017 — so that you're well informed for your next discussion with your tax accountant.
Randy Dyck

ROI or ROL – Return on Investment or Return on Luck?

Join Randy Dyck of the Eximus Real Estate Team for the latest Market Update. He will be discussing return on luck, generational wealth, sell through rates (STR) and market strategies during this must-see presentation.
Don R. Campbell

What's Behind the Curtain

Don will share with you his insights on the latest trends in the Canadian real estate market, debunk common myths and show you how to use them to your advantage.
Jennifer Hunt

REIN Engage

This REIN Engage is all about you! The goal of this session is to offer you an opportunity to connect with your peers and get the answers you need for all of your burning real estate investing questions. Do you want to take your real estate investing to the next level but you first need to know:
•Where am I stuck?
•How do I tackle this problem?
•How do I improve myself so I can feel more confident every step of the way?
Whatever your questions or concerns may be, by attending this meeting and being fully engaged, you will receive the clarity, support and community that is essential to your success!
And that's not all! Through this interactive workshop while you are getting your questions answered, you will also be supporting and answering the questions of other REIN Members. It's all about growing your team and learning more about what your community has to offer you – and what you have to offer your community. Who knows, maybe your next JV partner will be in the room!

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