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Patrick Francey CEO
Kim Nguyen REIN Finance Centre
Barry McGuire Real Estate Lawyer
Don R. Campbell Senior Analyst, REIN
Networking Social

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REIN Members

The REIN member meeting offers you an amazing opportunity to get grounded in your real estate business...away from the distractions of everyday life, so you can recharge, refocus and most importantly, grow. New topics are covered by a variety of speakers, all with different backgrounds and all committed to your success in the real estate world. Plus, each meeting is perfect for expanding your network of like minded real estate focused investors – investors who take action!


We encourage you to attend one of our REIN Member Meetings. A REIN Member Meeting offers an invaluable opportunity to understand real estate as a business. Each meeting connects you with experienced real estate focused investors who pay forward the knowledge they have gained within our network to help grow our industry.

REIN meetings cover everything you need to be successful in the ever-changing real estate world, from current trends impacting the market place to proven systems for successfully investing in real estate. Your guest attendance of this REIN Member Meeting is intended as a one-time privilege. Any guest fees paid to attend will be refunded as a credit against Membership dues, provided you apply for Membership within 24 hours of attending the meeting.

If you have any further questions please contact [email protected]
or call us toll free at 1-888-824-7346.

- schedule -

Patrick Francey


Kim Nguyen

Year-end Mortgage Housekeeping

Join Kim Nguyen while she takes you through everything you need to know for your year-end mortgage housekeeping. This presentation will teach you how to ensure your mortgage file is a success, tips to wrap up your 2017 calendar year and how to set up your 2018 calendar for the best possible results.
Barry McGuire

Tales from the Trenches

Barry McGuire is back with more tales from the trenches about flipping properties and estates. First off – flipping properties? The profit from these deals is taxable, however, CRA is now actively chasing flippers. Whether you are dealing with assignments or flips Barry will share some tips to avoid interest, penalties and jail. 

Also, learn why estates can be tricky. So, your Uncle Bill left you a condo? Well you should know that probate does take time and the mortgage and taxes must be paid. Barry will advise you to plan your exit early and why you need a Plan B.

Don R. Campbell

What's Behind the Curtain (Video)

Don will share with you his insights on the latest trends in the Canadian real estate market, debunk common myths and show you how to use them to your advantage.
Patrick Francey

Holiday Etiquette

It's the holiday season and much like most investors, you'll be frequenting festive gatherings and perhaps hosting a few!

 With this in mind, we've taken the liberty of preparing something special, just for our REIN Members. Patrick will share with you the top tips to host, enjoy and exploit the moments with family, friends and colleagues to better position yourself as a real estate investor, fundraiser and capital partner seeker.

Join us for this light-hearted presentation, full of humorous insights, to wrap up your academic year and kick off the holiday season!
Networking Social

A time to connect with your fellow REIN members and reflect on your success over the past year. A great opportunity to meet with like-minded investors and network over drinks and appetizers.

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