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Patrick Francey CEO
Hugo Dos Reis VINE Group

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REIN Members

The REIN member meeting offers you an amazing opportunity to get grounded in your real estate business...away from the distractions of everyday life, so you can recharge, refocus and most importantly, grow. New topics are covered by a variety of speakers, all with different backgrounds and all committed to your success in the real estate world. Plus, each meeting is perfect for expanding your network of like minded real estate focused investors – investors who take action!


We encourage you to attend one of our REIN Member Meetings. A REIN Member Meeting offers an invaluable opportunity to understand real estate as a business. Each meeting connects you with experienced real estate focused investors who pay forward the knowledge they have gained within our network to help grow our industry.

REIN meetings cover everything you need to be successful in the ever-changing real estate world, from current trends impacting the market place to proven systems for successfully investing in real estate. Your guest attendance of this REIN Member Meeting is intended as a one-time privilege. Any guest fees paid to attend will be refunded as a credit against Membership dues, provided you apply for Membership within 24 hours of attending the meeting.

If you have any further questions please contact [email protected]
or call us toll free at 1-888-824-7346.

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Patrick Francey

Pre-Meeting Get Your Questions Answered

The REIN Workshop Pre-Meeting is an open-question and discussion session led by REIN experts and veteran investors. This session is ideal for all levels of real estate investors. Whether you're an experienced investor or just getting started in the Canadian real estate game, we will help guide you in your next steps of investing and building a profitable real estate portfolio. Bring the questions you need answered to help you move forward.
Patrick Francey


Hugo Dos Reis

Mortgage Update

Hugo Dos Reis of the REIN Finance Centre will provide REIN Members with an exclusive update on the local market. Join Hugo as he dives into the differences between pre-positioning and pre-approval in this educational segment. 

Rachel Oliver

Investing in Rent to Own Properties in Today's Market

Join us as Rachel continues the second segment of this three part series on how you can leverage today's booming real estate market to earn higher monthly cash flow, generate bigger profits and have more control — all without lifting a hammer or tirelessly combing through MLS listings. Rachel Oliver of Clover Properties will demonstrate that higher cash flow, bigger profits and more control are just some of the benefits of the Rent to Own investment strategy in this meeting. 


Today's bustling housing market coupled with new mortgage rules unveils new opportunities for anyone who wants to see higher returns on cash or RRSPs in the next few years. Rachel will continue to share the system Clover Properties has used to put together over 120 Rent to Own deals and average $500-700 in monthly cash flow without spending a dime on maintenance or repairs.

Don R. Campbell

What's Behind the Curtain (Video)

Don will share with you his insights on the latest trends in the Canadian real estate market, debunk common myths and show you how to use them to your advantage.
Patrick Francey


NEW for 2017!

We value your feedback. We've received it, and we've heard you. You love the breakouts at ACREs, the sharing of ideas, and building community. In response, your REIN Member Meetings are being redesigned to support you even more.  This is your network of real estate investors, and we want you to know your opinions matter, so we keep your ideas coming!


Experience expanded learning opportunities, community interaction, advanced investor buyer and exit strategies, digging deeper to get more of your own questions answered, expert panel discussions and much more.

Your REIN Member meetings now include a focused and intentional engagement section: REINEngage. 

• Engage and leverage the opportunity to connect with other like-minded Members at every REIN Member meeting.
• Engage in learning, sharing, and gaining insights and strategies within your diverse community – leverage your network, get your burning questions answered, leverage the knowledge and experience of other REIN Members and real estate investors and share yours. 
• Engage and participate in open microphone, advanced Q&A sessions during expert panel discussions. 
• Engage and enjoy collective problem solving, creative and advanced buying and exit strategies, tips and ‘how tos' for treating your real estate investing like a business and dealing with your most pressing real estate concerns.
• Engage in these interactive segments and sessions for your ideal opportunity to move around, meet new friends, and talk deals and opportunities.-
• Engage with the REIN team…we look forward to seeing you there!

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