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The Secrets to Using Other People's Money to buy Real Estate. Since its release, thousands of Canadians have used this system to raise $350+ million (growing daily) in investment capital to help them get over the hurdle of not having enough money to invest in Real Estate.

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URGENT NOTICE: DO NOT Buy Another Piece of Real Estate Investment Property Until You Discover
How to Attract an "Unlimited" Supply
of Wealth to Fund Your Real Estate Investing Dreams
Using Next to NONE of Your Own Money!
Join renowned Canadian real estate experts Don R. Campbell and Russell Westcott as they reveal how to unlock the door to ALL the investment capital you'll ever need for your next real estate transaction.

The Secrets to Using Other People's Money to buy Real Estate. Since its release, thousands of Canadians have used this system to raise $350+ million (growing daily) in investment capital to help them get over the hurdle of not having enough money to invest in Real Estate. Ask any newbie or veteran real estate investor their biggest challenge when it comes to generating lasting wealth with real estate, and 9 times out of 10 you'll get the same answer:
Access to capital.
And especially in these turbulent economic times, with lending regulations tighter than ever before, hearing a NO! is an everyday occurrence for many frustrated investors.
Well, what if we told you there was one simple strategy that could finally change all that?
It's called joint venturing -- and chances are, you've already met investors who employ this strategy with astonishing success.
How can you recognize them? Just follow the crowd.
At workshops or networking events, they're the ones with swarms of people gathered around them, hanging on their every word. They have massively successful real estate portfolios, producing positive cash flow. They have the easy confidence that comes with freedom from financial cares and enjoy a lifestyle of limitless possibilities.
And even though they use next to NONE of their own money in their real estate investing businesses, they're able to generate staggering results, seemingly without effort.
This system is going to reveal that strategy to you.
But first...
Why should you listen to what we have to say?

Since 1992, the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) has been training serious investors to become the undisputed leaders of the real estate investing community in Canada.
We do it by providing our members unbiased, up-to-the-minute, meticulously-researched information on all the major markets across Canada.
Many of our members are self-made real estate millionaires. Others are living comfortable, stress-free lives, reaping the rewards of a passive 6-figure income. Still others are saving for the future, compiling incredible nest eggs, and setting their children and grandchildren up to enjoy generational, sustainable wealth.
In fact, our clients have been so successful with our proven systems that they have transacted over $5 billion in real estate to date.
So how do REIN members achieve such incredible results?
For starters, they don't do it conventionally, with the same tired strategies you'll find at so-called "freebie" seminars or in late-night infomercial book-and-CD sets.
Instead, we teach them unique, strategic and often hidden strategies for producing extraordinary results with real estate.
Joint venturing is one such strategy - and for years, it has only been used by a very select group of people.
Now YOU can gain access to the most comprehensive guide to putting together profitable Joint Venture partnerships that the Canadian real estate market has ever seen.
It's called Joint Venture Secrets -- a power-packed home-study course that will teach you everything you need to know about digging an almost-unlimited well of capital you can draw on for the rest of your investing career.
Discover the exact system that has helped top investors raise millions in investment capital.
So what makes joint venturing so attractive for potential partners?
Everywhere you turn, there are successful individuals who want to get into real estate. You know the kind: bankers, lawyers, business owners, doctors, and corporate executives - people with money who want to reap the safe, high-yield returns that real estate rewards.
There's just one problem.
90% of the time, they don't have the time, expertise or even interest to do it on their own.
These are savvy professionals who recognize that while real estate is one of the best investments on the market, it is also one of the most complicated.
They want the return...WITHOUT the effort.
And that's where you come in: YOU provide the expertise. THEY provide the funding or mortgage qualification.
So how do joint ventures work, anyway?
We have already shown you why there's such a demand among wealthy, successful professionals for the kind of real estate expertise you can bring to the table.
But are joint ventures really that profitable?
Absolutely! But don't just take our word for it. Consider the following scenario:
Let's say you implement only one of the dozens of strategies you learn in our 750+ page course and find a single joint venture partner.
And let's say that you and your JV partner buy one piece of well-chosen real estate, in a fundamentally strong region, for $169,000.
You put up NOTHING for this investment (Joint Venture Secrets teaches you EXACTLY how to do this) and instead provide your know-how and the strategies we reveal in the program.
Your JV partner invests $36,000 (20% down payment + closing costs + reserve fund; again, we'll teach you how to attract this kind of capital easily), while the bank provides a first mortgage of $135,200 (and you'll learn exactly how to get lenders to say YES to the deal).
In a scenario where you've agreed to a 50/50 split of the profits, and in a market that is growing only 3% per year, even if you generate NO cash flow, here's what your profits will look like after just 5 years:
(Before Taxes and selling expenses)
Property would be valued at $195,900
Mortgage Balance $119,600
Equity $76,300
Repay JV partner's investment $36,000
Estimated profit $40,300
JV partner's 50% share $20,150
(56% Total ROI,
over 5 years)
Your 50% share $20,150
Remember, you put NO money into the deal and walk away with $20,150!
What would your life look like if you could do all the real estate deals you wanted?
And remember: just one well-chosen joint venture partner can easily supply the capital for two...five...ten...or more deals exactly like this over the course of your relationship!
Then imagine what would happen if that one happy joint venture partner started telling his high net worth friends. One solid joint venture partner can lead you to an entire network of capital -- enough to build your real estate empire and create long-term, sustainable wealth for you and your family.
What would you do with that kind of money?
Invest in more and more lucrative opportunities? Pocket the profits to enjoy more time with your family? Pay off your personal residence? Pay for your children's education or take care of your aging parents?
With just a handful of joint venture partners you're talking about ongoing funding for literally ALL the real estate deals you can possibly handle!
A Wealth Attraction System That Is Proven to Work
At this point you're probably asking yourself how realistic this is. "Sure, I can see how getting a JV partner or two would make a huge difference in my investing business," you might be thinking, "but what are the chances of ACTUALLY landing a relationship like this."
Over the last couple of decades, we have seen dozens of real estate investors raise millions of dollars in investment capital using the strategies revealed in this course.
It's not rocket science. It's systematic. And just about ANYONE can do it with the right training and motivation.
Do you want to learn the same wealth attraction secrets that has changed lives?
If so, then read on!
There are seven simple steps to making lucrative Joint Venture deals happen consistently and effectively. REIN's Joint Venture Secrets gives you in-depth training on each one
Joint Venture Success Step #1:
Build a Successful Foundation ?
Whether you're building a home, a business, or a Joint Venture relationship, you need a solid foundation. REIN's Joint Venture Secrets will teach you how to attract consistent JV capital using our three proven pillars of success: systems, relationships, and follow-through.
You'll discover:
  • 1. Why joint ventures are such an effective way to raise all the capital you'll ever need to achieve your personal dreams and aspirations.
  • 2. What makes a great joint venture relationship (the answer might surprise you).
  • 3. How to find the right kind of people - and save yourself headaches and hassles.
  • 4. What it takes to create win/win transactions that work for everyone: you, your JV partner, and the buyers, sellers, and tenants associated with your property.
  • 5. How to completely eliminate the excuse, "I can't buy real estate because I don't have any money" from your life.
  • 6. How to pace your joint venture strategy so that you get the money you need, when you need it.
  • 7. Negotiation secrets of the masters.
  • And much more!
Joint ventures have meant and done everything for me and my real estate investing career. I started with less than zero dollars in the bank and without joint venturing and the use of other people's money, the millions of dollars in real estate that I own would never have been possible. As a veteran of joint ventures, I learned a couple of new strategies from the Joint Venture Secrets that will instantly add additional money to my bottom line.
- Valden Palm, Edmonton, Alberta
Joint Venture Success Step #2:
Master the 8 Wealth Attraction Principles
In this section, you'll discover the 8 powerful wealth attraction principles that will turn you into a money magnet- so that people are literally climbing over themselves for a chance to invest with you!
You'll learn:
  • 1. How to harness the 8 wealth attraction principles - attraction, abundance, expectancy, imagination, giving, decisiveness, expertise, and resiliency - to attract more money than you'll ever need for your real estate business.
  • 2. Why you should think of yourself as attracting wealth & not pursuing it.
  • 3. The ONE major difference between people who are successful with this strategy - and those who aren't.
  • 4. Creative problem-solving secrets that will improve every area of your life.
  • 5. How to give your way to prosperity.
  • 6. Powerful tips for being more decisive and confident.
  • 7. How to set yourself up as an expert to attract even more wealth.
  • 8. How to turn rejection into long-lasting success.
  • And much more!
Joint Venture Success Step #3:
How to Find and Filter Promising JV Partners
Whenever we talk to people who are interested in pursuing Joint Ventures in their real estate investing, the most common question we hear is this...
How do I find joint venture partners?
It's a critical question. After all, without a line-up of willing partners, your JV strategy is dead before you even begin!
Fortunately, in Joint Venture Secrets, we reveal EXACTLY how to find and impress the right kind of joint venture partners, so that you can make more real estate deals happen faster - even if you don't know anyone right now who fits the bill.
We'll cover:
  • 1. How to tap your circle of influence for high-quality JV leads and prospects (and here's a hint: it's wider than you think).
  • 2. Why you should ONLY spend time with people who have raised their hand and expressed an interest.
  • 3. Powerful secrets for marketing yourself and your real estate expertise to attract the right kinds of people.
  • 4. How to communicate your vision clearly and effectively to JV partner prospects.
  • 5. A step-by-step system that takes you all the way from making your first contact with a potential joint venture partner to closing the deal.
  • 6. The precise forms, checklists, and strategies you should use to screen out troubled partners BEFORE you end up in a nightmare situation.
  • 7. How to present your JV opportunity so powerfully that you'll close business with qualified prospects.
  • And much more!
Using the tools I learned through REIN and the Joint Venture Secrets system, we created Bridge Properties and had offers accepted on 16 properties in just two months. During this time the equity in the properties we purchased had grown over $250,000. I'll say it again, this happened in TWO MONTHS!!!
20 of these were purchased with only one Joint Venture partner, implementing what we learned from REIN's buying and Joint Venture systems.
- Brian Persaud, North York, Ontario
Joint Venture Success Step #4:
Structuring the Deals
After you find promising joint venture partners, the next step is to structure your business and deals the right way!
In this important section, you'll discover:
  • 1. Whether to set up a corporation or do business in your personal name (we have over 24 years and $3.8 billion dollars' experience to help you answer this critical question.
  • 2. How to get your joint venture partners to qualify for the mortgage, put up the down payment funds, and thank you for the opportunity to do so.
  • 3. Five different ways to set up your business - and save yourself time, legal fees, and taxes.
  • 4. How to structure your partnerships so that all parties are happy, profitable, and willing to work together again.
  • 5. Specific on-the-ground examples to help you SEE the principles in action - and apply them in your own real estate investing business.
  • 6. How to write offers to vendors that make everyone money.
  • And much more!
Joint Venture Secrets Success Story!
In a little over 18 months, our portfolio of investment properties has grown to 35 properties.
20 of these were purchased with only one Joint Venture partner, implementing what we learned from REIN's buying and Joint Venture systems.
- Winnielee Chuus, Real Estate Investor, Vancouver BC
Joint Venture Success Step #5:
Legal Agreements and Documents
Perhaps one of THE MOST important aspects of your Joint Venture strategy is the way you set up your contracts and documents. After all, in order to create real win/win situations, you need to ensure that everyone is protected!
A typical lawyer charges $300+/hour - and their expertise is well worth it. But with REIN Joint Venture Secrets, you get all the done-for-you legal documents you need - from one of Canada's most knowledgeable and experienced real estate lawyers, Mr. Barry McGuire!
This single module alone can return your investment on the program several times over.
You'll learn:
  • 1. Why full disclosure is such a critical part of structuring JV deals that produce big profits -- and how to make sure you do it right...
  • 2. What to avoid when it comes to putting together sound partnerships - and save yourself a lot of heartache...
  • 3. The precise documents you need to make sure all your bases are covered.
  • 4. Sophisticated ownership strategies that can make or save you thousands.
  • And much more!
Joint Venture Success Step #6:
Joint Venture Pitfalls to Avoid
Don't make a move until you complete this section of the program!
In Step 6, we'll reveal the most common mistakes real estate investors make with joint ventures - so that you NEVER find yourself in a costly situation!
  • 1. Why you simply MUST put together your real estate dream team - and how to do it quickly and successfully.
  • 2. How to avoid one-sided deals that don't produce positive outcomes for everyone involved.
  • 3. How to choose joint venture partners who complement your skill-set instead of duplicating it.
  • 4. Powerful secrets for letting go of your lack of belief in yourself.
  • 5. How to make sure you NEVER appear desperate or waste your time chasing money.
  • 6. Why the willingness to walk away is one of the most powerful skills you can ever acquire - and how to manifest it in your life.
  • 7. How to ensure you have a steady pipeline of solid JV partner leads.
  • 8. Tips for automating your lead filtering system so that you eliminate tire-kickers and prospects who aren't really serious.
  • 9. Why you must treat other people's money with MORE CARE than you would your own.
  • 10. Promises and guarantees you must NEVER make.
  • And much, much more!
Joint Venture Success Step #7:
Systemize Your Personal 'Money Magnet' System
By this point in the program, you'll have learned everything there is to know about attracting wealth and high-quality joint venture partners.
The final step, then, is to SYSTEMIZE your process so that you can duplicate your results over and over again!
In this section, you'll discover exactly how to put your business on auto-pilot - so that soon people will be calling YOU, out of the blue, offering to invest their money with you.
We see it every month with REIN Members who are already successfully using our Joint Venture Secrets system.
In this power-packed section, you'll discover...
  • 1. The one simple secret that will keep your JV partners coming back over and over again.
  • 2. Templates for communicating with your JV investors so that they remain upbeat and satisfied with your partnership.
  • 3. Whom to approach FIRST when you find a new property.
  • 4. The top 9 ways to duplicate your business quickly and easily.
  • 5. How to keep your momentum soaring so you can leverage your success until you reach all your dreams.
  • And much more!
The joint venturing techniques presented in this course have taken my game to another level. My partners see me as a knowledgeable, valuable, and a trusted source in helping them achieve their financial goals. The contacts I have made have proven to be invaluable, and that list continues to grow as the phone keeps ringing. Thank you!
- Jayson Sidhu, Abbotsford, BC
Plus, get your hands on these exclusive strategies that will revolutionize your real estate investing business!
Our 7 Steps are more than enough to help you attract all the investment capital you'll ever need to build your real estate empire.
But we're not through yet.
That's because, in addition to the system, you'll get exclusive bonus training audios from some of Canada's leading experts in accounting, banking, and law to ensure that you know how to implement everything we've taught you straight out of the gate.
For instance...
Get the Bank Say YES to Your Joint Venture.
Join two of Canada's leading mortgage and financing specialists as they reveal inside secrets on how to present your deal to the bank so they say YES. Joint venture relationships are NOT common, so you need to know exactly what to say and how to say it to get your deal approved.
Save More on Taxes and Make the Joint Venture Relationship Easy for Everyone.
No one wants to pay more in taxes than is absolutely necessary! These valuable tips from top Canadian accountants will teach you how to legally reduce your tax burden, set up your accounting for maximum ease and profitability, and dramatically decrease your annual accounting fees. Plus, get two professionally-prepared real estate accounting templates you can use in your business today!
Joint Venture Tales From the Trenches.
Wonder what would it be like to have one of Canada's leading real estate lawyers on your personal power team? Now you can find out! Join the legendary Barry McGuire as he reveals how to protect yourself in ALL your deals.
Proven Secrets for Attracting $60 Million+ Using Joint Ventures!
Veteran real estate investor Arlen Dahlin is a Hall of Famer when it comes to attracting joint venture capital. Over the past 15+ years, he's raised over $60 million to purchase more than 600 properties. In this can't-miss presentation, he spills his guts on exactly how he does it.
Real Life Joint Venture Presentation by an Expert.
In this LIVE example of a JV presentation by Don R Campbell, you'll hear how you can copy everything Don does to attract money from anywhere on the globe. In fact, he has made it so simple and included the PowerPoint presentation he uses so that YOU can follow along and develop your own presentation template! Learning these strategies from someone who has done it hundreds of times will add more cash directly to your bottom line.
Templates, Templates, and More Templates
Finally, when you order REIN's Joint Venture Secrets, we'll hand you a complete bonus binder jam-packed with dozens of carefully-crafted templates that allow you to simply "plug and play" our system into your business.
Valued at over $1,000 by itself, you'll have ALL the documents, tools, and forms you need to take the strategies we teach you and put them to immediate use -- INCLUDING a convenient CD so you get it all in editable electronic format!
This treasure trove of sophisticated resources includes:
The Joint Venture Partner Filter.
Attract the right kind of candidates and quickly weed out potential problem partners before it's too late!
Joint Venture Partner Due Diligence Program.
A complete template, including questionnaires and resource list, to help you quickly and accurately do all your homework on a partner before you sign on the dotted line. This template alone can make or save you tens of thousands of dollars on a single deal!
Tested Joint Venture Marketing Campaigns.
Enjoy carefully-crafted marketing blueprints that have been used successfully to attract millions in joint venture funding.
Proven Joint Venture Presentation Templates.
Present your opportunities to potential partners and lenders in a way that is PROVEN to work. All you have to do is fill in the blanks -- and BOOM! You have a powerful presentation that attracts capital. No need to reinvent the wheel!
Joint Venture Partner Special Reports.
Over the past decade, we've created and reviewed literally hundreds of special reports and have narrowed it down to these few templates that produce real results. Many of these Special Report templates took hundreds of hours to perfect and now they're yours!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help, education, guidance, support and everything else you have done for my family and me!
Before REIN we did a couple of houses a year, and this year we'll surpass our goal of 40 deals. One of my goals this year was my Platinum pin, 50 properties in 3 years.
It couldn't have been done without REIN. Using the Joint Venture Secrets materials I have just landed my largest JV partner -- investing over $500,000.
- Jim Gemmell, Alberta Beach, Alberta
What would you expect to pay for million dollar secrets like these?
Just ONE joint venture deal can easily bring you $30,000, $50,000, $70,000 OR MORE in profits that go directly to your bottom line.
But most people who successfully complete the program will do much more than just one deal. Multiply that by 5, 10, or 25 deals and suddenly you're looking at hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars!
Some of our competitors charge upwards of $10,000 and $20,000 for education this detailed.
But we`re not going to ask even close to that amount.
A one-time investment of just $1,187 gives you everything you need to attract unlimited wealth to your business and life.
Yep, you read that right. For a small investment that you will easily recoup on your very first deal you will have access to a powerful, never-ending source of funding that will serve you for years and years to come.
This is real, legitimate real estate investing information that will actually pay for the entire program all by itself. Plus, even if you request a refund, the bonus package yours to keep. Just our way of saying "thank you" for trying us out.
The only way to take advantage of this incredible value is to order now.
We've used REIN Joint Venture Secrets in our work with investors in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the USA. We've turned our $32k duplex into an $8 Million portfolio and have made our partners very decent returns along the way. Most of them are repeat investors. REIN has helped and guided us in the right direction to really grow our Joint Venture capabilities.
- Todd and Danielle Millar Glenn Simon Inc, Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan.
And don't forget: you're covered by our
Unprecedented 100% Satisfaction 12-Month Risk-Reversal GUARANTEE
We don't expect you to go into this blind. You want to be sure you're getting a good deal for your money, and we do, too.
So the way this works is simple. If, at any time during the first 12 months, you are not completely and thoroughly convinced that this program is worth every penny of the modest investment you made, just call the office, send it back, and you will receive an immediate refund -- NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
Remember, here's everything you get...
  • 1. Our complete 7-step system for attracting unlimited streams of wealth, including 12 audio CDs and a massive binder of training.
  • 2. A bonus pack of plug-and-play templates, including marketing material, presentations, legal documents, and much more.
  • 3. Hours of bonus audio and all kinds of worksheets from REIN's top-notch real estate experts.
  • 4. $1295 in life-changing bonuses that will skyrocket your success.
  • 5. A 12-month, all-encompassing, NO QUESTIONS ASKED risk-reversal guarantee.
There's just no way you can lose on this one!
Joint Venture Secrets consists of two binders and 12 CDs containing comprehensive information, proven strategies, and invaluable tips on this lucrative and low-risk investment option.

"This extensive work taps into the wealth of knowledge of a highly respected and exceedingly successful real estate investment professional - JOINT VENTURE SECRETS is the first step to and a 'must-have' for success in real estate joint ventures!"
Jay Gabrani, C.A.
President, JKG Properties Inc.
"Thank-you! Your REIN Joint Venture Secrets Home Study System - specifically the 'JV PARTNER INSTANT ROI CALCULATOR' - was the missing piece to my Joint Venture System!
I quickly added your ROI CALCULATOR to my existing JV Package and presto!!... within minutes I can now calculate my JV Partner's ROI right in front of their eyes and on ONE PAGE.
Not even 48 hours has gone by and I've scheduled two meetings with potential partners as a result of sending them this document.
I foresee this one tool TRIPLING the amount of real estate conversations I can have with potential partners this year and as a result JV capital for real estate deals! Keep up the great work!"
Mitch Fanning
Managing Partner
Easyinvest Properties Inc.
In August of 2003 I joined REIN after beating my head against a wall trying to apply American-taught techniques to my Canadian real estate investments.
I was about $140,000 in debt and I only had three properties. By learning and applying the Joint Venture techniques taught by REIN,
I learned how to work with investors and leverage my knowledge and experience with their money for ultimate real estate investing success.
Now I have NO line of credit or credit card debt, and I have ownership in over 43 properties. My net worth went up over $500,000 in just two years.
Truly the most successful Canadian real estate investors follow Canadian specific techniques as taught by REIN!
Jules McKenzie,
Orillia, Ontario
"I wanted to say thank you for the Joint Venture Secrets package that I bought. I don't think I have ever gotten so much for my money when buying a real estate tool before. You really went the extra mile. I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of information in this system. The added bonus CD with all the usable templates was just the icing on the already-delicious cake you served up!
I have started to use a lot of the material already in preparation for my trip to Saudi Arabia to pitch Bearway Real Estate Investments.
This package gives me everything I need to really step it up. I truly feel ready to jump in, now that I have reviewed the whole JV program in succession all at once. It is a lot to go through, but wow, am I ever armed and dangerous now! I dare them to say no. (Ha ha Thanks for all the hard work. Anyone who picks up this package will see the same things I do. Unbelievable value. Nice work. Well done. Take a bow!"
James McKeage,
Bearway Real Estate Investments
Thanks to Joint Venture Secrets, I have saved a lot of time and money because I proactively eliminate costly mistakes and do things right the first time. I know this because I am using the system to revise previous business processes (developed prior to joining REIN) and to continuously improve ongoing efforts. The result is business growth at a place not previously experienced.
Thank you for this invaluable resource! I look forward to continuing to use this system to develop my business ethically and professionally and credibly.
Yours truly,
Next-REI Corporation
Rodney Hough - President/Secretary

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