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There Are Two Ways You Can Learn To Be A Landlord;
Learn The Rules, or Have Your Tenant Teach You,
Which One Do You Think Will Be More Expensive?

Real Estate Investment Network Presents:
Landlording Secrets
Your Definitive Tenant and
Property Management System
Managing your properties for cash flow is the key to successful real estate investing, but investing without cash flow and without good property management is the quickest route to failure. Landlording Secrets, our brand new Home Study system, works for all markets and will be your property management success guide. It takes you through the fundamentals of marketing, tenant relationships, collecting rent, property management, and handling evictions.
Landlording Secrets, written by veteran REIN instructors, has been compiled through their experience of decades of real estate investing and over $3.8 billion in property transactions. Additional tips have been contributed by REIN Members who own substantial portfolios around the country, while other strategies come from experienced industry professionals that are currently managing properties to the highest standards of excellence.
The Landlording Secrets system has been created to help YOU - no matter what level of investing you have achieved. The system is perfect for you, if you are:
  • 1. A brand-new investor looking to get educated quickly and eliminate expensive mistakes
  • 2. An investor with a few properties in your portfolio already, but who realizes the tremendous benefits of making a few process improvements
  • 3. An investor who uses a professional property manager and wants to help train your management company with strategies and systems that work in the real world
  • 4. An investor who is dissatisfied with the property management companies you've had working for you in the past, and who now wants to manage your own properties
  • 5. An investor with a substantial portfolio who is looking for the one or two simple strategies that will save thousands of dollars across your entire portfolio.
Landlording Secrets has been penned by graduates of The School of Hard Knocks, so you don't have to go there yourself! What you will find in the extensive printed manual and accompanying audio CDs is an easy-to-understand system that will help you create higher profits while shielding you from future headaches.
In this system, you will discover how to:
  • 1. Find your clients
  • 2. Manage your relationships with tenants
  • 3. Implement written agreements by using our templated forms
  • 4. Collect your rent efficiently
  • 5. Either self-manage your properties, or manage your property manager
  • 6. Protect yourself when ending a relationship with your clients
  • PLUS much, much more!
With more than 500 pages of detailed step-by-step instructions, this guide has been laid out so you will not miss a step on your way to becoming a successful property manager.
The manual itself contains everything you will need to operate your rental business, but the system also includes great supplementary materials; 9 full length audio CDs for further explanation and expansion of the information in the operations manual, and a separate CD with 108 forms, agreements and templates. Each of these templates has been created by professional property managers, and together, these forms and agreements would take you months and thousands of dollars to compile on your own. The compilation of forms and templates alone is worth your investment in this system!
This system allows you to stand on the shoulders of the giants of the real estate investing world; giants who have gone before you and are now pointing you down their proven road to success.

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