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...No Matter What the Market Is Doing!
Be the next successful Canadian investor to say...
"I had no idea it was this easy to get financing: banks say NO to my single family
mortgage applications - but YES to my multi-family financing requests!"
"always thought I needed tons of money to buy larger buildings - I was wrong."
"I was surprised at how simple the process is - and I have control the whole way"
"Why didn't I learn this earlier? Think of the wasted time and worry I would have avoided"
Too many people hold back on multi-family investing because of the myths that surround it. Our new multi-family investing home study course will bust them that you can learn how to harness the power of multi-family investing for long-term financial comfort for you and your family. Read on for more myths and solutions..."
-- Don R. Campbell
Best-Selling Author of Real Estate Investing in Canada

What is one of the most important factors separating successful investors from those who are struggling?
The ability to adapt and evolve as the market changes.
That's because investors who adapt are usually on the front lines, making smart, sophisticated decisions for high-powered results.
While those who don't get left behind, counting their losses and wondering what the heck just happened.
Well, take note.
Because RIGHT NOW is a critical moment of market change here in Canada one that will allow you to decide once and for all which kind of investor YOU want to be.
Adapt to Market Changes with Clarity and Confidence.
It's no secret that the Canadian economy has changed.
And yet, despite all the economic changes, your financial dreams haven't changed!
You still want to put your kids through school...retire early...and find smart, solid investments that keep your money working hard -- so you don't have to.
Stock markets and mutual funds can be a roller coaster ride and returns volatile not to mention high management expense ratios whether you make money or not. High interest savings accounts are really not so high interest, especially when you consider inflation.
Fortunately, there IS hope. Long-term, sustainable cash flow and net worth growth is possible.
Multi-family apartment buildings.
The secret to adapting to market changes is choosing investments that are steady and proven to produce positive cash flow and substantial increases to your net worth over the long term.
After all...
When it Comes to Wealth Creation, "BORING" Is Better!
Sure, steady and proven investments might not be the "sexiest" opportunities on the planet but who cares?
Smart investors understand that when it comes to investing your hard-earned money, "boring, yet performing" is exactly the result you're looking for.
Leave "exciting" investments to the masses; the wealthy choose performing investments (that's why they're wealthy).
And that's what multi-family property investing is all about.
Are You Letting These Myths Stand in the Way of Lasting Wealth?
Still, despite the fact that investing in multi-family buildings is a proven, reliable approach, many regular Canadians believe it just "isn't for them."
If you're one of them, perhaps it's because you've bought into some of the well-worn myths surrounding multi-family investing.
Have you caught yourself saying something like this?
Owning a multi-family property is a lot of work; or
Only people or companies with big pockets can enter the market; or
You need a ton of money to get in; or
The banks won't lend me that much money; or
The headaches out-weigh the returns.
We understand your concern - but the truth is, none of those myths hold any water.
In fact, perhaps you'll appreciate this important insight from the Globe & Mail:
People who own [multi-family properties] are quite happy...said RealNet president George Carras. The most dominant owner profile in the sector is the private investor, and they tend not to want to trade.
Interesting, don't you think?
The majority of owners of multi-family properties are NOT huge corporations or prominent real estate tycoons...but regular, private investors like you!
And not only that, according to the article, these private investors are so happy with their results that they don't want to sell during a boom or even a deep recession!
So what do they know that the majority don't?
Simply, they know that the myths are untrue and the rewards just keep getting better and better as the years progress.
Join the Growing Group of Elite Investors Who Are Enjoying the Long-Term Rewards of Multi-Family Investing
Now we'd like to invite YOU to discover what they know, what we know, what quite possibly one of your neighbors quietly knows about how just about anyone can begin to build that over-performing, non-volatile, cash-producing multi-family portfolio anywhere in Canada.
You'll find it all in our brand-new
Investing in Multi-Family Properties Home-Study Course
This groundbreaking course will provide you the insights and strategies you need to make these 'boring' investments return huge dividends, while allowing you to sleep well at night.
Whether you're a beginning investor, hungry for the fast-track to massive monthly cash flow and significant personal wealth...or a veteran investor looking for ways to bypass the current "credit crunch"
There is NO QUESTION that this course will help you grow your net worth, create passive income, and build a lifestyle you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come.
Why Multi-Family Investing Is So Profitable
Investing in small 1-4 door properties is an excellent, low-risk way to learn the ropes of real estate investing and begin generating positive, passive cash flow. It is the "bread and butter" of your real estate investing strategy.
But if you REALLY want to accelerate your results then multi-family buildings are a powerful way to potentially achieve even bigger returns with easier management!
(Yes, you read that right: easier management.)
In fact, here are just a couple of examples of deals completed by our experts who have used the strategies we teach!
70% ROI in Just 1.5 Years
This 20-suite apartment building was purchased in May 2002 for $712,000 and $150,000 cash. Thanks to smart management and strategic improvements (the kind we'll teach you to make), it was sold in October 2003 for $1,000,000 -- for an ROI of 70% in just 1.5 years!
Or how about this one...
300% ROI and Counting...
This 47-suite building was purchased in April 2004 for $2.14 Million with only $400,000 cash. Five years later, it appraised for $3.94 Million, with an ROI of 300% AND GROWING!
Or this one...
$5.5 Million Profit on ONE DEAL
This 5-building complex was purchased for $4,160,000 with $700,000 down in fall 2005. Two years later, it sold for $9,929,000 for a total profit of over $5,500,000 on ONE DEAL.

Amazing, right?
And the numbers get even better when you realize that you DO NOT have to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of your own money!
What Would You Do with Results Like These?
What would it mean for your life if you could duplicate even a fraction of that success?
Would it mean more time off? The ability to pass a lasting legacy on to your family? Greater freedom to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies, and passions? What about funding the charity or work that you want to do (as opposed to the job you have to do)?
Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial future is secure!
It's not an exaggeration to say just one or two well-executed multi-family investments could literally revolutionize your life, setting you up for generational wealth that will continue on as your lasting legacy!
"Before this course, I thought that multi-family investing was way beyond my capability. Now I know that I am very capable of venturing into multi-family. It blows my mind!"
- Edmond Lim
But Be Forewarned:
You Cannot "ATTEMPT" Multi-Family Investing!
Multi-family investing is a different animal from single-family homes. With single-family homes, you can "make attempts"; "test the waters" -- talk to Realtors, put offers in, begin negotiations even if you don't ultimately make a buying decision.
In fact, "attempting" to invest in single family properties is a great way to learn the process -- and many thousands of successful investors have done this.
With multi-family investing, that's simply not an option. The "universe" is much smaller -- which means that in order to make multi-family investing a reality, you simply MUST be knowledgeable about your market and strategy BEFORE you make your first offer.
You have to know:
How to arrange financing (and the rules are much different from single-family financing). Whether to invest in a building with 6 units or 60.
How the rules differ from single-family vs. multi-family units (in many cases they're actually much more lax).
And more!
That's why you need our new home-study course: to help you know exactly what you're doing and how to do it so you get it right the first time.
A Proven System with Proven Results
When you order our Investing in Multi-Family Properties Home-Study Course, you're getting much more than mere "theory". You're getting on-the-ground, proven techniques you can use to generate real-world wealth, as safely and effectively as possible.
What's more, you'll learn from experts who very rarely share their stories or strategies in public -- as well as countless proven tactics from high-profile investors.
Our goal is to bust ALL the myths while sharing the pathway to success so that you can learn from our mistakes and huge wins.
As a result, you'll discover the exact system that has been quietly creating long-term, sustainable wealth for families across Canada!
So What Exactly Will I Learn?
Here's a quick overview of everything we'll cover in our information-packed course, consisting of a giant 388-page manual and 8 full-length audio CDs.
First, you'll unlock our four steps to multi-family success.
Step 1:
Find the Figures
This is where you get the templates, formulas, and specific questions you need to unearth goldmine properties in your target market.
You'll learn:
How to glance at a property listing and tell almost instantly whether or not it's worth further scrutiny.
The building size that will put the most money in your pocket, for the least amount of effort (the answer might surprise you).
Powerful rules of thumb about suite mix and maintenance, so you can ensure higher cash flow and capital appreciation.
Two simple formulas that will help you determine, with pinpoint accuracy, whether or not you're looking at an income-producing jewel.
Our proven Cash-on-Cash PLUS calculation so you can have a solid, measurable glance at your projected ROI.
How to use the same 2-page Quick Analyzer template to unlock the profit potential of any property.
The 11 key questions that will help you determine whether an area is poised for explosive growth (and therefore profits) or if it's on the brink of collapse.
Secrets to writing multi-family offers that get accepted (IMPORTANT: this is very different from single-family).
How to know whether a listing sheet is "fiction" or fact -- and what to do with this critical information.
And much, much more!
"Amazing! Right now, I have an opportunity to purchase a multi-family unit. Before, I didn't have a clue as to what was involved. Now I know how to crunch the numbers to see if it's a worthwhile investment, if I can afford it, and so on! Thank you!"
- Brenda Howatt
Step 2:
Finance with Sophistication
Once you know how to find the properties, we'll move on to the section that most investors are dying to understand: how to get the capital you need to invest!
The fact is, multi-family financing is a different animal from single-family financing. That's because your credit rating is actually much LESS important to lenders when you're investing in multi-family units (which is good news to some).
What's more, recent CMHC financing regulations are making it even harder to build a large portfolio of single-family homes. That's because, the more properties you're invested in, the less likely lenders are to approve your application.
With multi-family properties, the EXACT OPPOSITE is true! Banks actually like that you have a portfolio of properties and are willing to work with you. That means there's no "upper limit" to your success.
In our Multi-Family Investing Home-Study Course, you'll hear straight from the bankers how to get them to say YES.
Why would they tell you? Simply because they want to lend money to Multi-Family Investors. They know their money is safe over long term, and they like safe!
In this critical section, you'll discover:
How to choose the right financing option for the right investing strategy -- so that you maximize your profits and minimize unnecessary fees and costs.
Why the condition of the building plays a major role in the amount of financing you'll receive and how to use this to your advantage (EVEN IF you're buying a property in less than tip-top shape.
Secrets to adding substantial value to a property FAST.
How to create lasting, productive relationships with banks and lenders so you can go back to them over and over again.
Everything you need to know about CMHC financing straight from the expert's mouth (in fact, you'll see a COMPLETE application, in the COMPLETE form required, that got his last YES.
How to get a dramatically lower interest rate and higher loan amount, just by providing the right information IN ADVANCE.
All the different mortgage types and financing rules -- so you can be informed and savvy when you apply.
Proven, on-the-ground templates we've used to secure big loans in the real world.
And much, much more!
And no, you don't have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars on hand to make this work. Many of our members use the expertise they gain from our Investing in Multi-Family Properties strategies to attract joint venture partners and use other people's money to fund these lucrative opportunities and deals!
Step 3:
Fix the Figures & Building
This is where the fun begins! We've developed a fool-proof system to grab control of your new building and increase its profitability instantly. Called "fixes," or normalization, soon they'll become your competitive edge in the marketplace allowing you to spot golden opportunities that others can't see!
The fact is, sometimes problems that others are having in their buildings, become your opportunities. Insider knowledge makes all of the difference in the world of multi-family investing. You'll discover how to correct these problems quickly and affordably, so you can leverage your knowledge and see opportunities were uninformed investors do not.
You'll learn:
Why you must ALWAYS think of yourself as a business owner first and foremost -- NOT just a landlord.
How to increase the value AND positive cash flow of your property in the first few months.
Long-term secrets to building a sustainable business model that works.
Why you can ignore prevailing vacancy rates and come out WAY above average.
How to maximize your property so you can consistently pull in top-of-market rents.
Creative marketing strategies to attract high-quality tenants who will be proud to call your place home (and pay handsomely for the privilege).
Why you should never give "rental rebates" - unless you know this one critical rule.
How to REDUCE operating expenses and maintenance costs with a few simple, little-known tips and tricks that the experts are glad to share.
Incredible techniques for lowering your gas, electricity and water bills by up to 30% -- which means MORE positive cash flow in your bank account.
Inexpensive upgrades that yield massive returns.
And much, much more!
Step 4:
Farm Out & Move On
Finally, once the building is performing at acceptable cash flow standards, it's time for the best part: finding someone else to manage the property so that YOU can focus your attention on more important things (like buying more buildings or spending time on your hobbies, charities and family)!
Many investors believe they can simply handle the day-to-day operations themselves and "save money" in the process. This is NOT the case. If you want the passive, hands-free rewards real estate investing can provide you, then property management is an important piece of the puzzle.
This section of the home-study course will teach you how to do it right.
You'll discover:
How to choose the RIGHT management company so that you eliminate unnecessary hassles, headaches, and stress.
The four secrets to long-term sustainable wealth through pro-active management - and how to make sure you've got them all covered.
How to work with your managers so that they are fully equipped to make the right decisions at the right time - and not waste your time or money.
Proven techniques and strategies for keeping quality tenants happy, and paying on time.
When to refinance (or pull out your profits at exactly the right time.
How to condo-ize your building and increase its value instantly -- and maybe use as a high profit exit strategy.
And much, much more!
PLUS, Gain Valuable Insights
on These Critical Topics
But that's not all. While our 4-step process will provide you everything you need to know to jump into the world of multi-family investing with confidence and ease, it wouldn't be a REIN product if we didn't over-deliver on quality content!
So in addition to the complete 4-step system, our manual and audio CDs are jam-packed with golden nuggets of information that can make or save you even more money!
For example
The Bermuda Triangle of "Plexes." Warning: do NOT get involved with multi-family investing until you understand the 3 biggest landmines! We spell them out clearly so that you'll be 100% confident when it's time to take the next step.
Why Every investor Should Consider At Least One Multi-Family Property, and NOT for obvious reasons!
Secret Weapon - The "Offer Strategy." This one strategy will drastically reduce your time spent putting in offers that will NEVER get accepted. The name is basic, the strategy simple, and the results like clockwork. Put this tool to the test, then just sit back and enjoy as the "yeses" come rolling in.
The Truth Behind Vendor Take-Back Mortgages. You're dealing with a new lending environment, but more importantly, a whole new lender! As things tighten up, the VTB just might be your answer to getting deals done - or not. You'll discover the simple psychology behind the VTB and how to get the seller to offer it before you ask!
The Truth Is in the Numbers. What's the secret to success in any real estate deal? Remove the emotion! We'll give you all the formulas, due-diligence checklists, and strategies you need to crunch real numbers quickly and protect yourself against emotional investment mistakes.
In other words, whether you are a rookie investor or a veteran looking for an extra edge in the market, this home-study course will show you how to be a sophisticated buyer. You'll learn how to come across as the pro, add value like a pro, finance like a pro and build your reputation doing it.
"Incredibly useful, practical, eye-opening. I learned so many brilliant strategies to improve our business 100-fold and apply it to our first apartment building - which we just purchased! Thank you so much!"
- Marnie Griffiths
With all of the incredible information you'll digest with our Investing in Multi-Family Properties Home-Study Course, I'm sure there's just one question on your mind.
How Much Is All This Going to COST?
To be completely candid, the quality of this training is not cheap. After all, you're getting proven strategies from seasoned real estate investors who have made many millions of dollars implementing them.
So the real question you should be asking yourself is not "How much will it cost?" but "How much is it worth to me?"
Let's say you take our done-for-you system and are able to purchase just one "small" multi-family property in the next few months. (This is actually far below what most motivated investors will be able to achieve, but I want you to take a worst-case scenario.)
What would that be worth to you? $5,000? $10,000? More?
Of course it would!
And while you chew on that question, here is another one.
If You Don't Do This,
What WILL You Do
Given the Current Investing Options
and Your Desire For Real-Life Results?
Let's say you decide NOT to order Investing in Multi-Family Properties Home-Study Course. What will you do instead?
Well, you could stumble through meetings with vendors, lenders, and real estate agents, learning multi-family investing through "trial and error" (and risking your reputation along the way)
OR, you could let us teach you everything you need to know BEFORE you set foot in the marketplace so you look like a total professional from the get-go.
You could submit failed financing application after failed financing application, or secure financing with the wrong lender and the wrong terms so that bad interest rates suck up all your cash flow
OR, you could put our proven system to good use and get the cash you need as soon as you've got a winning property.
You could spend weeks, months, and even years, perfecting marketing and management techniques that help your business run like clockwork (and losing major money in the process)
OR, you could take our done-for-you templates and strategies and plug them into your properties for instant results.
The choice is yours.
"This course just saved me thousands of dollars and hours upon hours. A complete package of tools, contacts, supporting team players, Canadian content and action strategies -- all of this will rapidly increase my chances of success. Thanks, REIN!"
- Collin Grant
If so, then
Get Your Own Copy of REIN's Investing in Multi-Family Properties Home-Study Course.
That's right, for a modest investment that is less than the cost of one multi-family appraisal, you can have your own comprehensive, proven system for making multi-family investing a cash-drenched reality in your life.
And of course, as with all REIN products, it comes backed by our famous...
100% Satisfaction Money-Back GUARANTEE
Get a full YEAR with the home study course. Listen to all the CDs. Devour the entire manual. If you aren't absolutely convinced that you have everything you need to begin investing in multi-family apartment buildings immediately, simply give us a call and you'll receive a full and INSTANT refund no questions asked.
Now Is Your Chance to Minimize Risk and Increase Return.
Remember, the myths that the masses believe always hold them back. They're excuses and misconceptions -- filters that make it easy to do nothing.
But once you see behind them, you can quickly and quietly start performing at a level that many don't even believe is possible. That's what this course is all about: busting all the myths so that you can truly start building that long-term sustainable wealth - with cash flow and dramatic growth in your net worth.
Click on the link below to order your copy of the home-study DON'T want to miss out on this one!
Are You Ready to Make it Happen TODAY?
It's time to stop "thinking about" multi-family investing and start taking action!
You'll be glad you did.

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