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Patrick Francey CEO
Dave Steele President, WCPG
Marv Steier Landlord Credit Bureau
Don R. Campbell Senior Analyst
Peter Kinch REIN Finance Centre

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REIN Members

The REIN member meeting offers you an amazing opportunity to get grounded in your real estate business...away from the distractions of everyday life, so you can recharge, refocus and most importantly, grow. New topics are covered by a variety of speakers, all with different backgrounds and all committed to your success in the real estate world. Plus, each meeting is perfect for expanding your network of like minded real estate focused investors – investors who take action!


We encourage you to attend one of our REIN Member Meetings. A REIN Member Meeting offers an invaluable opportunity to understand real estate as a business. Each meeting connects you with experienced real estate focused investors who pay forward the knowledge they have gained within our network to help grow our industry.

REIN meetings cover everything you need to be successful in the ever-changing real estate world, from current trends impacting the market place to proven systems for successfully investing in real estate. Your guest attendance of this REIN Member Meeting is intended as a one-time privilege. Any guest fees paid to attend will be refunded as a credit against Membership dues, provided you apply for Membership within 24 hours of attending the meeting.

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Patrick Francey


Dave Steele

The pros and cons of using the strategy of limited partnerships, and turnkey deals

More than ever before, REIN Members are searching for answers to questions of how to analyze and complete the diligence on alternative strategies and opportunities to invest in real estate.
They ask the question of where their capital can be invested in a manner that maximizes both their money and as importantly, their time.

When capital for a down payment is limited, lender financing is not an option, and when time to find deals comes at too high of a premium – that's when sophisticated and strategic REIN Member investors consider alternative strategies. Ultimately, as investors we are always searching for ways to invest our hard-earned money. The stock market and the banks are not providing us with the kind of returns we are looking for and finding good cash flowing buy and hold properties presents challenges for some.

Join us September 19th in Edmonton, September 20th in Calgary, and September 21st in Vancouver as we dig in to look closely at the "The pros and cons of using the strategy of limited partnerships, and turnkey deals."
Dave Steele with Western Properties Group is a veteran REIN Member, developer, investor and a speaker who has taught from our stage many times before.  

Dave will help the Member audience answer the tough questions:
•Do real estate limited partnerships and turnkey deals makes sense as an investor? 
•What is the diligence you should complete when considering an investment in a limited partnership or a turnkey deal?
Marv Steier

Tenant Verification; Eliminating Rental Risk

Proper tenant screening is important to a profitable rental business. Landlords report rent payments to the Landlord Credit Bureau, which minimizes risk of rental income loss and benefits good, low-risk tenants. How? The Landlord Credit Bureau reports 30-60-90 day rent payments to Equifax Credit Bureau, and the Notice to Tenant form advises tenants at lease signing that rent payments are reported to Credit Bureaus and of consequences for late payments, nonpayment of rent or damage to the rental property. Learn more about eliminating rental risk in this presentation with Marv Steier!
Don R. Campbell

What's Behind the Curtain (Video)

Don will share with you his insights on the latest trends in the Canadian real estate market, debunk common myths and show you how to use them to your advantage.
Peter Kinch

REIN Engage; Rental Property Financing Blueprint

Join VINE Group's Peter Kinch as he walks you through the benefits of using the VINE Group's BluePrint. This method allows real estate investors to be strategic in their investment financing to build a portfolio of residential properties. Using the wrong lender at the wrong time can be the difference between financing 4-5 residential properties versus financing +15 properties. With lenders policies constantly changing, it's important to create a financing strategy in order to reach long-term growth. The BluePrint allows investors to match the best mortgage options at every stage of your investment strategy. Investors who follow the BluePrint will be able to maximize the best mortgage options, improve cash flow, reduce interest costs and gain easier access to equity.

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