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Have you ever had someone ask you if you wanted to buy their place? They were clearly motivated BUT you just didn't know how to get the deal done? You didn't have the cash, were tapped out of credit, or had no money partners lined up....

Or, even worse, maybe you didn't even know it was a good deal because it didn't fit the 'traditional' buy and hold model. How many deals have you tossed out because you just didn't know what to do with them or how?

And therein lies the real question - what is this all costing you? The bottom line is this - not knowing how to transact these properties could easily be costing you tens, if not hundreds, of thousands in profit.

There are seriously amazing deals just waiting around every corner, in every market… IF you know HOW to pull them off.

We are not talking about questionable tactics, pulling a fast one, or flat out taking advantage of the down and out.

We are talking about becoming a transaction engineer; the kind of real estate investor that creates opportunity where others fail to see that any opportunity even exists. Imagine how you could build your competitive immunity in the marketplace by transacting properties that other people throw in the trash.

If you were unable to attend one of REIN's Creative Quick-Turn Investing Strategies Workshop here are just a few comments from these sold-out events:

“Overwhelmingly Awesome… I wasn't aware of the potential of Agreements for Sale, Rent to Own and Assignments. Let's face it when your money for a down payment is gone these seem like pretty amazing options. Carpe Diem!”

~ Brad Ledwidge

“This was an extremely informative, fast-paced, factual, inspiring, and motivating day! I definitely can see where I can use some of these ideas. My brain is bursting!”

~ Monica Paslawski

“More options to think about. Had figured these options were not for me prior to today, now I have them in my toolbelt of possibilities!”

~ Sharon W

"WOW! I was a realtor for 20 years dealing with investors, flipping houses etc. The Rent to Own was awesome in how to structure properly. This day has awakened the entrepreneur in me that had been dormant for years!”

~ John Lamer

We greatly appreciate the wonderful turnout and reaction from those who attend REIN's Creative Quick-Turn Investing Strategies Workshop and the feedback clearly demonstrates two things: we are presenting information that real estate investors find very useful, and our members are eager to implement the strategies and tactics presented at this event.

Why do they want to get the ball rolling? Because the benefits and advantages of the materials presented are easy, tested, proven and profitable. Here is just a few of the highlights:

  • Rent to Own (Lease Options) - At the Creative Quick-Turn Investing Workshop, we explain how to do lease-option deals quickly, consistently, legally, and safely.
    • Lead generation techniques that bring willing buyers and sellers to YOU. No need for you to chase them. This is a great timesaving advantage for you.
    • Qualify your tenant buyer so you face no drama, no headaches, and massively reduced risk.
    • Write win-win deals with proven, legal and binding templates that are real time and money savers for you!
  • Joint Ventures - Raising Other People's Money. Unlock the secrets of attracting “Other People's Money” to fund your real estate investments.
    • Pitch your deal. You get a hands-on exercise that shows you how to calculate the numbers and hit all the investor “hot buttons” generating more money with less effort from you.
    • Hear an expert panel of Canadian real estate investors who used JVs to create millions of dollars in wealth — your most urgent questions are answered before you even ask them.
    • Joint Venture agreement checklists that will help you write an agreement that protects all parties in the transaction. And we all know how valuable the proper protection can be!
  • Wholesaling & Assignment Secrets - A strategy to generate cash with little capital or credit.
    • Learn to write a real estate purchase contract. Then, once you have an accepted offer, you can sell your interest via Assignment in the property. Discover how you can make money without actually owning the property.
    • Protect yourself in the transaction, giving you incredible risk reduction.
    • Ensure you are paid for assigning (selling) your agreement. Because you want to get paid for your work, right?
  • Mastering Agreements for Sale – Discover how to execute Agreements for Sale deals. Learn a sophisticated strategy that lets you get into properties with little to no money down.
    • The essential components of an Agreement for Sale contract. Knowing the essentials is the key to your start and the genesis of a great finish!
    • Learn how to build scripts to explain this transaction to potential sellers. Learn what to say – and what not to say – to convince with a great emotional and logical presentation.
    • Learn to buy properties with no mortgage qualification.
  • PLUS… You gain incredible insight into the most efficient and most effective methods to build profitability from speakers such as…

Barry McGuire.
With more than 40 years' experience, Barry knows every regulation, tactic and rule (plus a few loopholes you can use to your advantage) in real estate law. Barry has massive experience in Quick-Turn real estate strategies. He was the “closing lawyer” on more than 1,000 real estate transactions involving a variety of quick-turn deals.

Andrea Warkentin.
Over a 5-year period, Andrea has created, completed and profited from 30 AFS (Agreements for Sale) and 25 RTO's (Rent-To-Own), 8 all-cash deals, with a property value of $8 Million and a profit of $20,000-$40,000 per deal.

Sherilynn Milsom.
With a $7 Million property value, Sherilynn is currently closing her 7th RTO deal. While many people “start” RTO deals, Sherilynn closes them and makes serious profits. She is ready and eager to reveal her secrets so you, too, can benefit.

One of the best investors around, D.B. has systems set up for everything. His latest deal shows some amazing profit numbers and the next 2 deals he is working on may be even stronger.

…and more experts in Joint Ventures and the strategies of Assignments.

Included in this package is instant access to:

  • A detailed 128 page workbook; including: checklists, how-to guides, case-studies,
    hands on exercises, detailed scripts and bonus documents.
  • 10 instantly downloadable agreements each professionally created by Barry McGuire
    and his trained team of experts including:
1. Quick Turn Documents Checklist
A quick reference guide to which documents are used in each strategy.
2. Comprehensive Joint Venture Agreement
A detailed overview of the most comprehensive JV Agreements.
3. CILA Letter to Tenant Buyer (Certificate of Independent Legal Advice)
This document serves two purposes: it can help convince your tenant buyers (Rent-to-Owns) to seek independent legal advice, and it shows the courts that you made every effort to make sure the tenant buyers were well advised. An essential document to protect yourself and reduce your risks.
4. Basic Option to Purchase (When you are the Buyer)
This is a basic agreement to use when you simply want to acquire an option to purchase on a property.
5. Basic Option to Purchase (When you are the Seller)
This is a simple option agreement for use if you just want to sell your accepted purchase agreement, making money while never actually owning the property.
6. Current Option to Purchase
To be used by buyer or Seller for a more comprehensive option with disclosure statement.
7. AFS (Agreement for Sale) Financing Schedule (When you are the buyer)
This document will help you take control of a property for no money down and no mortgage qualification.
8. Simple Agreement for Sale-Vendor & Purchaser.
A straight forward Agreement For Sale, shorter than the comprehensive AFS.
9. Real Estate Purchase Contract Assignment
When assigning a deal for which you have an accepted offer, creating a profit for finding a good deal and passing this deal on to another buyer.
10. Rent to Own Analysis
A powerful spreadsheet to support your financial analysis on your ‘tenant-first' Rent-to-Own transactions. Once you've qualified a tenant buyer, run the numbers through the template. Plus this template makes for a ‘killer' Joint Venture presentation template.

Each of these templates and agreements are yours and free to use immediately after downloading. Plus, the documents are created with professional commentary to help you understand how to fill out each!

These documents have been professionally created by Barry McGuire and his team of trained experts. To have these documents created from scratch will cost you well over $500, and they are all included for you in this program!

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Request your personal download link to see and hear the entire Creative Quick-Turn Investing Strategies Workshop and we will include an additional 6-hours of audio presentations taught by Richard Dolan and Russell Westcott on the subject “Raising Capital.” In this exclusive bonus you will get a detailed blueprint, a proven marketing sequence, a dynamite presentation, and a comprehensive framework on creating win/win deals.

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Only $199

Plus Get Access
To An Additional 6 Hours of Bonus Content and
More Than $500 in Downloadable Legal Agreements

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