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Small Renovations For Big Profits
on All Your Investment Properties 

(even the ones you haven't bought yet!)

The Light and The DARK SIDE of Renovating Homes To Rent or Flip.

Let's get straight to the point here: there are a number of renovations you can do to any house if you want to make reliable, sleep-at-night cash flow. Many are simple and inexpensive while others are complex and costly but either way they are profitable!

You may be starting off with your first investment property or your fifteenth.

You may want to renovate to rent or renovate to flip.

You may have money to invest or you may need money to get started.

Whatever your situation, these are proven strategies you can use to purchase properties to renovate, profit from, and then use the profits to rapidly scale your real estate business and portfolio.

Not only are these strategies ones you can use immediately, but they are systematic ways that you can single out the best properties for your money and turn them into money making assets in minimal time.

Sustainable profits are achievable, but it isn't for the uninformed, uneducated or for those who prefer to fly by the seat of their pants!
As you well know, the business of investing in real estate can feel somewhat uncertain or unpredictable at times, yet when done the right way, it's proven to be a dependable way to grow your wealth and create a portfolio that assures your financial future.

Real estate investing is also a proven model for long-term asset accumulation and generating on-going cash flow.
Because here's the thing!

You can easily lose tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars!

You can get yourself involved with a nightmare property investment, one that can take you years and countless emotional dollars' to untangle.

You can end up locked in a tenant-from-hell scenario, a scenario that you've undoubtedly heard of.

Rest assured though, these renovation strategies were developed by in-the-trenches, hands-on experts who have been there and helped Real Estate investors just like you to do it right.

New investors and seasoned investors alike.

Since 1992, our team of experts has provided the resources, and lead and supported our members in transacting over $5 BILLION in investment properties.

There's an easy path to follow to success in this business:

Use PROVEN strategies to find properties of exceptional value, take the right action to acquire the best property (before someone else does), and then turn your investment into a solid and bankable return on your investment.

BUT, there's also one common (big) problem, and it casts a dark shadow over the renovation side of our business.

Lack of knowledge!

From unnecessary renovations to rip-off contractors, to debt-fueled renovations that will never see a return, these are a few of the issues that investors face.

Different research reports show different numbers, but the average' cash investment for a quick renovation seems to be around $17,000-$25,000.

That's a significant investment so you'll want to be certain you have the true facts around how to achieve a return on your investment.

Many new investors choosing to play the
renovation game come across common roadblocks
and pitfalls that we have seen many times before:
Lack of money to get started in their investing
  • 1. Lack of experience evaluating what makes for a great investment
  • 2. Buying horror story properties that cost them a small fortune in fixer upper issues that could have easily been avoided
  • 3. Trying to do quick-fix renovations without a CLUE on which ones are necessary (and BTW, renovations for rental properties vs properties to flip are DRASTICALLY different)
  • 4. Leveraging their first successful investment into multiple properties
Many of these issues also apply to those who have already bought one or more properties.
Which is EXACTLY WHY We Created The
Renovate To Rent Online Learning Program.
This program is FOR YOU if you want to learn:
  • 1. How to pick the perfect property to invest in
  • 2. How to leverage one property investment into multiple properties
  • 3. How to determine if a property should be a rental property, or a flip property
  • 4. How to find additional money to finance your renovations
  • 5. Which renovations to AVOID and which ones will guarantee the best return on your investment of time and money
  • 6. When to use private lenders vs big banks
  • 7. How to pick your contractors for peace of mind and rapid renovation completion

And much more

If you are a new investor, this is an exact, step-by-step blueprint you can use to create financial success with real estate renovations.

Here's the thing:

It doesn't matter how many seminars you've been to, or books you've read.

Unless you have taken ACTION on what you've learned you will NEVER create the financial future you want.
Consistent action. Speedy action. Action with a PLAN to follow, using proven strategies.
THAT is how you make it in this business!

The Renovate To Rent Program is your next step in making money as a real estate investor. This unique training program provides you an exact blueprint you can follow to: find properties, fund the purchase (with or without your own money), renovate it efficiently AND cost effectively, and rent it fast for positive cash flow, or sell it for a rapid return on investment.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn when we walk you through the exact steps that will take you from new investor to getting-it-done investor:
  • 1. Finding the perfect Renovate to Rent (R2R) property, for the best price, and renovating it for the maximum ROI
  • 2. Four reasons you may want to buy and hold vs. buy, renovate and sell
  • 3. FOUR HOT resources for prospective renovation properties
  • 4. 11 ways to score potential properties for R2R returns
  • 5. When to turn down a property like a pro
  • 6. Why fixing a foundation crack ISN'T the end solution to water leaks
  • 7. The most common reason rental properties have inside water leakage and the best way to avoid it
  • 8. A simple and useful solution for fixing slope issues and potentially disastrous water problems
  • 9. BIG BUDGET FIXES: which ones are highly recommended for renovate to flip properties, but NOT recommended for renovate to rent properties
  • 10. Costly oversights with window replacements (one simple yet common mistake can delay your renovation for months)
  • 11. Case studies showing how "saving a few bucks" on a renovation ends up costing 200% more than expected without solving the real problem and the simple solution that would have saved a small fortune
  • 12. Tree truths: when to prune them and when to permanently remove them
  • 13. 10 step checklist for novice buyers (and the 3-issues rule that MUST be used to make a buy or no-buy decision)
  • 14. The critical difference in buying criteria for buyers vs new buyers
  • 15. Four critically important factors to use when determining the actual market value of your property
  • 16. Real property analysis case studies and how to pick the perfect property when 8 others look comparable
  • 17. Determining the renovation budget and the Costs Guide to weave you through confusion, doubt, and complete rip-offs
  • 18. Renovation Walk-through Worksheets that you can use to pinpoint renovation costs and budgets
  • 19. Calculating the maximum purchase price of a potential flip property using the Flip Analyzer
  • 20. The ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a rental property to max out your rental income
  • 21. Using the Renovate to Rent Property Analyzer to determine if a property will cash flow if you decide to rent it out
  • 22. The #1 reason new investors FAIL... and the exact same reason this issue propels seasoned pros to financial freedom
  • 23. Five practical ways to finance your renovations quickly and painlessly (and the 4 business plans that work with each finance method)
  • 24. Two gotchas to watch for when assuming seller financing that greatly increase your costs and decrease your profits (no matter if you're buying to hold, or renovating to flip)
  • 25. Three ways to work with money partners when you have NO MONEY to invest
  • 26. THREE mortgage qualification options available to you (and where a private mortgage lender will be a better fit for your investments)
  • 27. The benefits of using vendor take-back (VTB) mortgages and the 2 options you have available once your renovation work has been done
  • 28. FOUR easy ways to find VTB opportunities
  • 29. Prepayment penalties with VTB financing: where to use them, and where to avoid them at all costs
  • 30. When to use short term mortgages and Standard Bank and "B" Mortgages for flipping your investment, and when that property flip can be considered MORTGAGE FRAUD
  • 31. 15 powerful benefits of using private mortgage lenders (and the BIG REASON why private lenders help you grow your wealth exponentially faster) 
  • 32. Building a dream team for real estate investing for rapid financing, approvals, and returns
  • 33. Real life case studies of private vs bank financing and the immense money saved ($50,128 in one case)
  • 34. Using second mortgages to finance property purchases
  • 35. Bridge financing strategies to leverage one sale into the purchase and investment of multiple new ones (before the sale even closes on the first)
  • 36. SIX easy ways to make the seller feel they are getting a better deal in your purchase offer
  • 37. Real Property Report (RPR) checklists...and when NOT touse them
  • 38. Contractor 101: finding reliable contractors that do quality work at a reasonable price
  • 39. Ten easy questions to ask potential contractors that weed out the losers and funnels out your best choice
  • 40. Budgetary time lines for the most common renovation jobs
  • 41. Step-by-step renovation plans: How to schedule your renovations to avoid contractor issues, stay on track, and keep the neighbors complaint-free
  • 42. Critical trade's people that you need to book first to avoid cost and budget overruns
  • 43. Your #1 priority when starting renovations on a new investment property (and how to avoid a massive repair bill common in older, more mature neighborhoods)
  • 44. FOUR cosmetic options and recommendations for attracting ideal tenants
  • 45. 7 hot tips for renovating kitchens if you intend to flip the property (and 2 more suggestions if you are buying the property to hold and rent)
  • 46. Exterior renovations for both buy to hold, and buy to flip, including:
    • *Siding and stucco
    • *Windows and door frames
    • *Roofs and eaves
    • *Exterior doors
    • *Landscaping
    • *Finishing touches
    • *Fences and decks

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