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Discover All The Step-By-Step Lucrative Details Of How to Convert Apartment Buildings To Individual Strata Units In British Columbia... Uncover All The Detailed Strategies Of Wealthy Canadian Apartment Building Owners

Discover All The Step-By-Step Lucrative Details Of How to Convert Apartment Buildings To Individual Strata Units In B.C.
Have you ever heard the term "buy by the yard... and sell by the foot" ?This is a formula many wealthy Real Estate investors live by. They buy an apartment building for wholesale prices, and then exit by selling the apartment as individual strata units, creating substantial profits for themselves.
This process is called Stratification (or Condominiumizing), and has made a 'select few' Real Estate investors very, very wealthy... the ones who know and follow all the step-by-step details. This will be your opportunity to learn all the 'tricks of the trade' that these select few investors have taken years to master.
Read On If You...
  • ... are already investing in multi-family properties and you would like to learn 'what's in it for you' financially if you Stratify your apartment buildings. You will be surprised at the potential profits available to you if you complete this process correctly.
  • ... are not yet investing in multi-family properties, but know you will be soon (especially once you see the profits that can be made). This system will be key for determining the correct exit strategy before you step in the front door and buy your first property. Knowing this critical strategy WILL even impact the types of properties you buy.
  • ... would like to become an expert at the Stratification process so you can then Joint Venture with multi-family property owners and create literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit with none of your own money in the deal. Many investors are currently doing very well providing this service in the market place and you can become a step-by-step expert. Your options will be numerous including getting paid for your services or negotiating an ownership position, or even negotiating a favorable purchase price on the newly stratified properties for your investment portfolio.
... If any of the above describes you then this event will be perfect for you.
This newly created home study system, was created by retired Real Estate lawyer, veteran investor, and one of Canada's leading experts in Stratifying multi-family properties, Howard Wiens. He analyzed in depth the details involved in this process. Everything you need, including the complete step-by-step manual, is provided to you.
How Much Would You Spend If You Had To Pay
For An Entire Day Of An Expert Lawyers Time?
Howard is an expert in his field and will be providing you with the entire "how to" details of this brand new innovative system. This event was only be presented live 3 times across the country (once in BC, Alberta and Ontario as each province has completely different rules and regulations). This is your exclusive invitation to unlock the secrets of Stratification through this comprehensive step-by-step system.
This Information has Never Before Been Compiled Into
One Simple To Use System in Canada Before Today
The potential profits from one Apartment conversion can be quite lucrative. If you complete all the steps in the provided manual, making these substantial profits are easily within your grasp.This massive workbook and audio presentation is broken down into the following 9 modules each designed to ensure your success with any conversion project.
These Nine Modules Will Answer The Following Questions For You In Detail:
Module 1 - How to Buy the Right Apartment Building
  • What is a Strat Lot? - Starting with the basics you will discover the proper terms used by the experts in the industry. Any good project must start with a solid foundation.
  • Which property should I buy? - Knowing before you buy your apartment building if you can convert your units into condos will be a critical component to which properties you buy... and which ones you avoid.
  • What should my purchase contract look like? -Structuring your purchase agreements properly can save you thousands of dollars in holding costs. In addition, a well structured agreement can give you the needed access to the property to complete much of your work before taking possession.
  • How do I finance my purchase? Understanding the various financing options will help you determine your overall cash requirements and ultimately determine your total Return on your Investment. With Apartment buildings, knowing how much money you can finance is one of the key steps in determining if you can purchase the apartment.
Know In Advance The Buildings That Can Be Converted
And The Ones To AvoidWill Be Critical To Your Bottom Line
  • How much will my closing costs be? - Often times many investors underestimate the amount of cash required to purchase an apartment building leaving them in a cash flow crunch for the entire project. Understanding your costs and getting a clear budget up front will help eliminate this challenge.
  • What are the different ways I can buy a property? - Knowing multiple purchasing strategies is critical to helping you buy apartment buildings that can be converted to individual condo units. Having different 'tools' in the 'toolbox' will help you purchase more properties.
Module 2 - How To Work With City Hall
  • What should I know before I approach City Hall? - Having a checklist of questions that must be answered before your first meeting with city hall will be critical to help you get your project out of the starting blocks. Being fully prepared will set your project ahead of the competition.
  • How do I start the process? - Taking the first step is often the toughest. Knowing the first steps and who to talk to, can set your project on the road to approval. Once you have the key starting steps taken care of, the momentum of the project starts to hit a 'tipping point'
Learning All The Details Of How To Get Your Conversion Project Approved By City Hall Will Save You Time And Stress
  • How does the approval process work at City Hall and what issues will they consider? - At times one of the most challenging and frustrating steps in this process is to get approval from city hall. Understanding the approval process and determining in advance what issues they may have could make the difference between hearing yes or no.
  • Whom should I hire? - Having key team members on your project will help save years off your learning curve. Plus, being able to 'outsource' and hire experts will save your most valuable commodity... your time.
  • How much will I have to pay to City Hall and how long will they take? - Delays and budget overruns are typically common on these types of projects... If you do not know all the steps involved. By being pro-active and knowing what your budget will be and what city hall will require from you will help cut down on additional 'surprises' (timing and money that may come your way). For Example you will learn what city hall may require from you and if you have to pay development levies. Being proactive and understanding City Hall's requests in advance will create successful conversion projects.
Module 3 - How to Get the Condominium Plans Prepared & Approved in Record Time
  • Discover the critical 'survey secrets' to getting your building carved into saleable pieces - If you can't get your survey completed and approved, you're stuck behind a brick wall. You'll discover the challenges your surveyor will encounter so you can manage these issues in advance. Included in the detailed section of this module you will discover the answers to the following questions:
    • What are the Condominium Plans?
    • How do I find a good surveyor?
    • What will the surveyor require to do the job?
    • What challenges will the surveyor encounter that are specific to a condo conversion?
    • Can the Condominium Plans be amended?
    • Can I have multiple condominium corporations on one Condominium Plan?
    • How much will the Condominium Plans cost and how much time will the surveyor need?
You'll understand, in detail, how to work with and find a good surveyor. Then once you find a qualified surveyor you will be able to understand what they need to get your project completed on time and on budget.
Module 4 - How To Resolve Tenancy Issues in Advance
  • Discover strategies on how to deal with your tenants during the transition of your property from an Apartment building to a Condo unit. - Each province has different rules, so you'll want to pay extra attention to this section. For example you will discover the strategies and answers to the following key questions:
    • How do I give notice of termination to existing tenants?
    • What rights do they have after the conversion is complete?
    • What if a tenant refuses to leave?
    • What if I end up renting out some condominium lots?
    • What about rental restrictions?
    • How do age restriction bylaws relate to tenants?
Creating Win/ Win Situations With Your Tenants During
The Conversion Will Be Crucial To The Success Of Your Project
Dealing with current tenants in a proactive manner will create an environment which allows project completion with minimal disruptions to current tenant and new owners.
Module 5 - How to Market the Condominium
  • When does marketing start? Don't start too early... or begin too late. Discover the exact time to increase the bottom-line profits. Sometimes these projects can take years to complete and knowing the optimal time to start the marketing process can save you months and thousands of dollars in holding costs.
  • What Documents are required and how do they relate to the marketing process? Understanding how to create a Disclosure Package, a Budget, and the bylaws are each integral to the process of converting your apartment building. But how do you use these documents to aid in the marketing process? During module 5 you will learn how to use these documents to help 'sell' your property.
Creating A Successful Marketing Campaign Will Increase Your Speed To Market
And Potentially Increase Your Projects Bottom Line
  • What are Senior Level marketing tips? - Sophisticated marketing tips will be provided to you in this manual and during the live workshop. Learning sophisticated marketing tips will create a 'frenzy' of potential buyers.
  • Who should market the condominium units and how to work with your Realtor? - Working directly with your Realtor and understanding in advance your Realtor's key issues will create a smooth selling process. When you understand the process of how to get your Realtor involved you can create a win/ win/ win situation for all parties involved.
Module 6 - Conveying the Condominiums and Hiring a Property Manager
  • What gets filed at the Land Titles Office? - This extensive module in the Apartment Conversion secrets manual gets down to the details of all the work that will be required at the land titles office. You will uncover answers to these and many more questions such as:
    • What gets filed at the Land Titles Office?
    • What is a builders lien holdback?
    • What happens to my mortgage on the closing date?
    • What can the lawyer do in preparation for the conveyances?
Sometimes All The Details That Are Required
At The Land Registry Office Can Be Quite Daunting.
However, This Task Is Easily Completed Once You Understand
The Requirements And Realize How Much Work Can Outsource To Your Legal Team.
  • Who manages the property? - In this detailed module, you will uncover strategies on how to find and evaluate property managers. Finding and hiring good quality property managers can often be a difficult step. Nevertheless, once you have a system in place, an intuitive checklist for evaluation and key strategies on hiring the right company you can help ensure future success...
Module 7 - How to Launch the Condominium Corporation
  • How is the condominium corporation created? - During this module you will discover the key action steps that will help you ensure a smooth transition to the newly created Condo Corporation. You will uncover in detail answers to the following questions and much more:
    • Who controls the condominium corporation before the condo board is elected?
    • What happens at the first Annual General Meeting (AGM)?
    • What is the reserve fund?
    • What is a reserve fund study?
  • Answering these specific questions will help ensure you set the newly created Condo. Corporation up for success. While creating happy property owners... people that may want to do business with you again in the future.
Module 8 - How to Legally Structure and Tax Considerations
  • How best to legally structure your purchase? - Answering in detail the following questions will help you ensure proper legal and tax structure to help limit your liability on your conversion.
  • The questions such as (Who is the developer? What are the different ownership options? What are the results of individual ownership? What are the results of partnership ownership? What are the results of corporate (company) ownership? What is a joint venture? What is a holding company?)
These Questions Will Be Analyzed In Detail,
To Help You Determine The Optimal
Ownership & Tax Structure For Your Project.
  • Taxes? Is there any GST payable? Is there any provincial sales tax payable? How will civic property taxes (realty taxes) be affected? More often than not tax implications are left out of the analysis. Answering these questions in advance will help you avoid startling tax bills by structuring your project properly from the get go.
  • What kind of insurance is required? Finally, we analyze types and amounts of insurance that will be required to adequately protect your project, your investors and yourself for the entire transaction.
Bonus Module Tools of Analysis
In the bonus module you will receive the ultimate condo conversion checklists. You will use these forms over and over again as you determine the economics, profit potential and required cash to purchase and hold your projects until completion.
  • A detailed checklist of what questions to ask yourself and others at each stage of the process. Knowing all the right questions in advance will help you 'cut to the bottom line' when talking with the key officials and decision makers.
  • A complete checklist of things that you or others need to do at each stage of the process. This detailed checklist will be like your marching orders to your team. You will be able to determine all the tasks that can be delegated to someone else. That way you can start duplicating your efforts and leverage your time.
  • Condo Conversion Timeline Checklist.
  • This simple step-by-step checklist will give you the transactional flow of the conversion project. The steps of the transaction will be broken down into critical success points, and skipping just one of these phases will create additional time and costs. The six critical phases during the timeline are as follows:
    • Before you make your offer to purchase the building.
    • After your offer has been accepted, but before you've removed your subjects (the "due diligence" period).
    • Things to do after the due diligence period is over, but before you close on the purchase.
    • After you've purchased the property, but before the Condominium Plans are registered and the building has been converted.
    • Things to do after the Condominium Plans have been registered, but before the condominium corporation's first AGM.
    • Things to do at the first AGM.
  • On top of this timeline checklist you will be provided:
  • Conversion Budget Form - A detailed budget will be provided for you to help outline all the costs and determine your estimated profits.
  • Cash flow Analysis Form - This form will help you determine the amount of cash you will require during the conversion process. Many conversion projects have failed due to poor fund management. By having this analysis completed up front you will dramatically increase your chances of success.
  • Property Analysis Form - Due Diligence and thorough analysis are the keys between making money with your conversion project and just wasting your time. Running the numbers in advance will determine how profitable your project will be. Use this analysis form to help make your decisions.
ALL The Forms And Agreements Will Be ProvidedTo You In This Detailed System.
In addition to all the above nine detailed modules of this binder included at no charge will be the following forms, checklist, agreements, and sample precedents, which we will go into all details around each one of these at the all day workshop...
  • Residential purchase contract
  • Commercial purchase contract
  • Condominium seller's property disclosure statement
  • Condominium property schedule
  • Condominium transmittal form
  • Property inspection schedule
  • Sample phase 1 environmental report
  • Sample property appraisal
  • Set of financial statements for a property
  • Rent roll
  • Tenant information form (estoppel certificate)
  • Example of a city's conversion policy statement
  • Example of a set of Condominium Plans
  • Notice of Application under the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Affidavit in support of Landlord's application
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Bylaws from Condominium Property Act
  • Sample set of replacement bylaws
  • Budget
  • Realtor listing agreement
  • Legal title property search
  • Estoppel Certificate
  • Information Certificate
  • Property management agreement
  • Reserve fund study
  • Partnership agreement
  • Additional Joint venture agreement template (in addition to ones you already have access to)
  • Trust declaration for a joint venture
ALL this will be included throughout the 9 modules in the manual. Some of these forms alone would cost you thousands of dollars if you were to go to a lawyer and ask them to create these from scratch. Each one of these forms is included at no cost with your investment
As you can clearly see everything is being provided to you. Without a doubt this is the most comprehensive package available in the market. If you were to go to a lawyer directly for this information, assuming the lawyer is taking new clients and has the time, it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
To Find Out How To Get Your Own Copy...
Read Below
This program is not for everyone... This is an optional program only for the people who are ready to take their investments to the next level and those planning on becoming an expert in their chosen field of real estate profits.
You see systems that cost $10,000 that don't have the content this system provides. As usual, for those who have attended REIN sponsored events before, we are going to under-promise and over-deliver. Although you will get $10,000+ in value, we'd prefer you used that money to invest in real estate. Your investment into this systems will be the ridiculously low price of $1497 for this all materials. And at $1497 this is a steal and attendees will make at least 300 times that in their first deal.
Grabbing the CD and manual package may well be the best investment decision you make for your Real Estate investing career.
Many of us have done extremely well over the years converting apartment buildings to condominiums. Howard Wiens has spent 8 months perfecting this presentation and this manual so that it exceeds even the rigorous REIN standards. So even if you are just curious about how much money can be made in condo conversion... or if you are ready to start creating vast wealth using this proven strategy... this extensive system is for you.
Click here today and grab one of the limited copies of this Canadian Exclusive System. Nothing was held back, you'll know it all.
To Your Success,
Don R. Campbell
P.S... The live workshop was only be held ONCE in three separate cities (Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver). This is your opportunity to pick-up the entire system at the discounted price of $1497 Click here to order
P.P.S... A 1,000+ page manual, CDs and an opportunity to make substantial profits from completing only one project.

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