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How to Become a Master of Quick-Turn Real Estate from the Comfort of Your Own Home - from Canada's Go-To Real Estate Lawyer 

"PLUS, get $10,000 in done-for-you
legal documents absolutely FREE
when you order now!"
-- Barry McGuire
Dear Real Estate Investor,
In these turbulent economic times, what is the most frustrating challenge
for real estate investors?
If you're like the hundreds of investors I work with on a regular basis, the answer boils down to one simple thing:
Access to cash.
The recent economic doom and gloom has made it difficult for even savvy investors to get the financing they need grow their portfolios and increase their wealth.
In fact, I know more than a few investors who have completely thrown in the towel...telling me they'll come back to it in a few years, once the economy "settles down a bit."
I understand how frustrating it can be when lending restrictions are tighter than Fat Albert in a wetsuit...but seriously. What a waste of time!
In a few years, you could have literally hundreds of thousands more dollars to your name.
In a few years, you could acquire ten...twenty...even thirty properties -- OR MORE!
In a few years, you could generate all the cash flow you need to settle down and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, once and for all.
It just takes a little extra know-how in an economic climate like ours. After all...
When the going gets tough...
The tough get CREATIVE
And that's what this letter is all about.
You see, I want to invite you to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about structuring creative real estate deals legally, ethically, and for incredible profits.
I'm talking about a comprehensive home-study course called Deal-Ready Documents... and it's going to give you a proven arsenal of creative real estate strategies -- not to mention bulletproof legal documents you can use IMMEDIATELY in your next real estate transaction.
But I'm getting ahead of myself...
Put 37 Years of Real Estate Experience
to Use in YOUR Business
First, an introduction.
My name is Barry McGuire and I'm a Canadian real estate investor and lawyer.
Over the past 37 years, I've bought and sold nearly $5 Million in real estate...and have helped hundreds of clients acquire hundreds of millions more.
That means I know what's it's like to be in the trenches as a real estate investor and lawyer, solving problems and making deals happen day in and day out.
A few years back, Canadian real estate mogul Don Campbell approached me about putting together a series of workshops for his Real Estate Investment Network, all about creating maximum success with sound legal strategies.
I jumped at the chance.
After all, I'd seen the incredible results my advice had produced for my private clients -- and I wanted to share it with others.
So in 2006, we did our first workshop...and the response was out of this world.
By the end of the day, I had people raving to me about the value of the information -- and even the entertainment quality of the delivery! (I have to give all the credit to my wife Donna for that one... she's a total charmer.)
In fact, here's just a small sampling of the kinds of things people were saying...
"WOW! This course is a must-add to your toolkit as an investor. With this information, now I can avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes. Barry has the ability to present to ALL levels of investors. THANKS!"
- Rick Redel
"Thank you so much -- this workshop provided me with the confidence and tools I need to go forward. Now I feel like a real estate expert with a great plan!"
- Patti McKendrick
"The value is unreal. To get templates for all the legal documents is SO worth it! And on top of that, you learn how to use them! Fantastic!"
- Chad Mielke
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Now YOU have a chance to see what everyone is buzzing about, because we just recorded a recent live presentation on 5 CDs...created a comprehensive, 300+ page training manual...and added a bonus CD-ROM of all the professionally-prepared documents we discuss -- so you can "plug and play" our strategies into your real estate investing business for amazing results!
Creative Real Estate Made Simple,
Ethical, and 100% Applicable Right Here
Deal-Ready Documents takes you step-by-step and moment-by-moment through the process of structuring, negotiating and closing creative deals.
What does that mean for you?
By the end of the course, you'll be a creative real estate expert -- armed with the EXACT words, strategies, and documents you need to explode your real estate profits!
We're not talking theory here -- we're talking on-the-ground, in-the-trenches training that is proven to work.
And we do it in a fun, informative way that EVERYONE can understand...whether you're a seasoned investor looking to expand your knowledge and versatility, or a newbie just cutting your teeth in the real estate game.
So What Exactly Can I Expect
to Learn in This Breakthrough Course?
Here's everything we cover in Deal-Ready Documents...
1. All the Information You Need to Get Your
Quick-Turn Real Estate Business Up and Running -- FAST!
Deal-Ready Documents will eliminate ALL of the mystery and confusion surrounding quick-turn real estate and show you exactly how to generate fast cash with strategies and documents that are proven to be both low-risk AND effective.
Why is quick-turn real estate important?
Well, although buy and hold strategies are the "bread and butter" for most real estate investors (and rightfully so!), quick-turn real estate is an important approach that allows you generate large lumps of cash you can leverage for more and more deals.
And when I say "LARGE lumps of cash," I mean it: many investors make as much as $30,000 - $50,000 CASH on each deal.
Think you could put $30-$50 Grand to good use in your business or life? Then don't miss out on Deal-Ready Documents!
2. Comprehensive Training in
Agreements for Sale, Options and Lease-Options
When you do Agreements for Sale and Lease Options right, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars...WITHOUT the need for bank financing or even loads of money down.
The secret is understanding how to really structure these deals so that they're legally sound and a total win-win for everyone involved.
I've spent years perfecting it for the Canadian market. In Deal-Ready Documents , I teach you everything I know.
3. Professional Instruction --
Valued at Over $400/Hour!
Perhaps one of the most valuable things you'll take away from your home study course is the chance to get professional instruction from me and some of the most prestigious real estate minds in Canada.
Remember: I charge $400 per hour to meet with YOU can get 6 hours worth of live audio training for a mere fraction of that cost.
4. Priceless Information to Prevent You
from Making Costly Mistakes
Real estate legend Ron LeGrand likes to say that the "School of Hard Knocks" carries the most expensive tuition you can possibly pay.
From personal experience, I can tell you he's right. Save yourself the heartache and hassle of making costly mistakes by ordering Deal-Ready Documents -- and learn how to do it right the first time.
5. Thousands in Legal Advice...
for Pennies on the Dollar
In Deal-Ready Documents , we'll walk you through the actual agreements, schedules, clauses and forms in detail so you know which ones to use when.
You'll learn everything I share with my elite investor clients, so that YOU can be completely confident that you're armed with safe, proven strategies that really work.
6. The Confidence and Training You Need to
Explain these Strategies to Prospects
in a Way that Is Both Clear AND Enticing
Even the best information about creative real estate is totally useless...if you can't get your prospects on-board.
So even if you already understand creative financing and quick-turn real estate, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you order this home-study course anyway -- if only for the tips and techniques we teach you about "selling" prospects on these strategies!
As one client, Travis McPhee from Calgary, put it...
"After learning about quick-turn real estate, I was off to the races...or so I thought. I soon found my first deal, but prior to closing, the sellers backed out. There's no way to know for sure, but I'm certain it's because I was so nervous and unprofessional when we were signing the paperwork."
"Barry spends considerable time filling out the documents using excellent case studies. And it really pays off. Next week, I'll take possession of my first true creative real estate property (Agreement for Sale entry and Lease-Option exit). This time around, thanks to Deal-Ready Documents , the paperwork was a complete no-brainer."
"I felt like a total expert -- and I'm sure I came across as one too!"
Deal-Ready Documents will give you the same level of confidence and expertise that Travis you can close more deals, faster.
And, of course, perhaps the most valuable thing you'll get is...
A Complete Treasure Trove
of All the Actual Documents Themselves!
Included in the giant-size package of information you receive is an entire bonus CD of carefully-crafted Canadian real estate documents that are ready for your next deal.
I'm talking about ALL the documents you need to take the strategies we teach you and put them to immediate use.
You'll get over 25 documents in editable MS Word format, including...
  • Buyer's Option Agreement
  • Seller's Option Agreement
  • Certificate of Independent Legal Advice
  • Offer to Purchase with Agreement for Sale Clause
  • Buyer's Financing Schedule
  • Seller's Financing Schedule
  • Buyer's and Seller's Agreements For Sale
  • And much, much more!
By themselves, it would cost you more than $10,000 to get these documents professionally produced from scratch. You get them FREE -- just for ordering Deal-Ready Documents!
What's a Fair Price to Pay for
the Strategies, Training, and Documents
that Can Make You Millions?
Remember, here's what you get when you order...
  • Everything you need to get your quick-turn real estate business up and running -- in 30 days or less...
  • A 330+ page workbook and manual, including comprehensive training in Agreements for Sale, Options and Lease-Options so you can structure creative real estate deals easily, ethically, and legally...
  • Over six hours of audio instruction from me and my fantastic team -- a $2,400 value ALL BY ITSELF!...
  • The information and training you need to ELIMINATE costly mistakes, delays, and lost deals...
  • Powerful ways to EXPLAIN these strategies to buyers and sellers so you can make deals happen fast...
  • The confidence you need to get out there and analyze properties, make offers, and close extremely profitable deals...
  • Over 25 legal documents prepared by some of Canada's most prestigious real estate lawyers that you can use over and over again (an incredible $10,000 value)...
  • And more!
All together, this is a combined value of nearly $15,000 -- and worth every penny.
But you and I both know I'm not going to ask you to spend anything close to that amount.
Just $697 Gets You Access to ALL the
Information and Training that Can Take
Your Real Estate Investing Business to the Next Level
Yep, you read that right. For less than you would pay for two and a half hours of my time, you'll get everything you need to start closing dozens of creative real estate deals over the next months and years!
But that's not all.
You see, as a lawyer, I teach my clients to make intelligent investments with HUGE upside potential and LOW downside risk.
To that end, I want to make sure you're completely covered in the event this course isn't everything you hope it is...and then some.
So When You Order Deal-Ready Documents,
You Are Totally Protected by
My 100% Satisfaction Money Back GUARANTEE
100% Satisfaction
Order Deal-Ready Documents. Keep it for 30 days. Listen to it once, twice, three times or more. If you don't think you have ALL the information, training, and answers you need to complete a quick-turn real estate deal immediately...just let us know and we'll issue a full and prompt refund!
There's just no way you can lose on this one
How much money could you make in a few months if you had the training and documents you need to make just one or two creative deals happen during that timeframe?
Don't hesitate. Order now -- and make this the beginning of an escalated era of wealth and prosperity in your real estate investing career!
To Your Success!

Barry McGuire,
Barry McGuire's Focus Series
P.S. Want to know what others are saying? Here's just a small sample of the feedback we've gotten...
Before this Deal-Ready Documents Focus Workshop, I was unclear. Now I feel much better! My favourite part? The AFS, Lease-Options, Options, the binder with all the information, and the CD of forms are GREAT!
- Ken Chu
The value is unreal. To get templates for all the legal documents is so worth the money. And on top of that, you're shown how to use them! My favourite part was going through each of the entrance / exit strategies with the supporting legal documents. Fantastic!
- Chad Mielke
I would recommend this course to other investors - it builds crucial confidence. I got the most value from putting the conceptual to paper: here is how you actually get it on paper.
- Rick Redel
This course is a must to add to your tool kit as an investor. With this information you can avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes. Barry has the ability to present to all levels of investors. Thank you for a great course.
- Grant Heer
This is a must for keeping investors out of trouble and out of the grey area.
- Tracy Grill
Very necessary for moving forward with 'Quick Turn' and JV partnerships. What a great Focus Workshop! It was money well spent. I feel a lot more prepared for the real world.
- Dean Leischner
Barry and Donna over deliver in content and take home material!
- Jim Sicotte
I feel like I could answer any questions directed at me. Amazing! It would take many deals to piece-meal all of this knowledge. Years condensed into one day. Great day. Great job!
- Travis McPhee
I feel much more comfortable about being able to explain the different contracts and more importantly, which documents to use when. This course is essential for anyone wanting to buy and sell real estate! It was a fantastic information session. Mr. McGuire and his team have outdone themselves once again. Thank you!
- Dave MacDonald

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